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This may just look like a remake of the Rolex Submariner, but the BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT knows there’s more to this watch – much more. The California Dial used in this wrist-piece was originally designed for the Allied forces during WW2 to provide troops that might be captured with a … READ MORE

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Rolex Deepsea Challenge Dive Watch – Gone Where No Watch Has Gone Before

Fifty-two years since Rolex first created the Deep Sea Special watch built exclusively to accompany Jacques Piccard and Lt. Don Walsh on their record-breaking trip to the bottom of Challenge Deep, the premium watchmaker was again along for the ride for James Cameron’s latest deep dive. The … READ MORE


James Cameron x DEEPSEA CHALLENGER – Completed Deepest Ocean Dive Ever

Just over 12 hours ago, movie director James Cameron and his customized submersible, DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, achieved the unthinkable when both arrived at Mariana Trench”s Challenger Deep. At depth of 35,756 feet below sea level, it is now the deepest point on Earth to be reached by mankind. … READ MORE



London-based Bamford Watch Department has been customizing luxury watches since 2004, specializing in Rolex and Tag Heuer models. The Rolex Explorer 2 is the company’s latest offering to undergo its custom black military-grade PVD finish, to which the customer can add different colors for details like the … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 4/17/2011 4/24/2011

Busy as ever this week; here’s a roundup of some of the notable happenings in sneakers, cars, gear, and art. First off, streetwear cartoon collaborations are a classic, and the this week Stussy and Marvel – two of the giants in their respective fields – got together … READ MORE


Rolex x Slam Jam – 20th Anniversary Custom Oyster Submariner Watch

Perhaps it was in this case only, but the notion that Italians have larger-than-life persona became a reality today as Ferrara-base Slam Jam unveiled its commemorative gift celebrating its 20th years – a custom Rolex Oyster Submariner timepiece. 20 very fortunate individuals will receive the special Rolex … READ MORE


Rolex x fragment design – Oyster Perpetual Explorer Watch | Available Now

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design has been developing quite a rapport with luxury timepiece maker, Rolex, for the past year with numerous collaborative work involving the latter’s bespoke Bamford Watch Department. First there was the Oyster Perpetual Air King created for the staff of fragment design, then there’s … READ MORE


fragment design for SOPH. 10th Anniversary – Rolex Watch

Hiroshi Fujiwara’s fragment design has designed a limited edition Rolex Watch from the Bamford Watch Department to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of SOPH. The watch is limited to 10 in the world and will be released on Monday, November 2nd. This watch is one of the many … READ MORE

fragment design X Rolex – Oyster Perpetual Air King

This is perhaps one of the best reasons to be envious of those working at fragment design for Hiroshi Fujiwara (other than the fact that they are working for Hiroshi Fujiwara). Fujiwara has teamed up with Rolex to create collaborative Oyster Perpetual Air King watches featuring gun … READ MORE


Bamford + Sons X colette X Rolex – Rolex Milgauss

Bamford & Sons had been creating unique bespoke watches for the seekers of fine luxury time pieces since 2004. The portfolio of brands they have worked with include some of the most coveted watch makers in the world such as Rolex and Tag Heuer. With a passion … READ MORE