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Ryan McGinness Launches Custom Ping-Pong Table at The Standard

In what seemed like a pretty chill event, Ryan McGinness’ unveiled his custom ping-pong table at the SPiN Standard in Downtown Los Angeles under the bluish glow of black-lights.  While not as raucous and as exciting as Olympic Ping-Pong, McGinness’ latest work is arguably much more visually stimulating. … READ MORE


Ryan McGinness x Reebok RMCQ Art Shoe – Affili Art Collection

As a follow-up to the Reebok Carston Mid CMYK Edition he designed for the Affili Art Collection, New York artist Ryan McGinness utilized his collaborative Reebok RMCQ Art Shoe as a true canvas. Done in either metallic gold or silver accentuated with black piping, McGinness applied whimsical … READ MORE


Incase x Ryan McGinness – Capsule Collection

Join artist Ryan McGinness on his cosmic expedition in this latest capsule collection from Incase. Billed as part of “The Black Hole Series”, McGinness explores the space and time-bending nature of event horizons, where matter, light, and all known substances are thrown into a single point of … READ MORE


Ryan McGinness x Reebok Carston Mid – Affili Art Collection

Ryan McGinness needs no introduction and the artist have been invited to participate in the Affili Art Collection by Reebok. The Carston Mid was rearranged in the signature colorful tones representing McGinness. Themed in the CMYK palette, the asymmetrical colorways create an unique aesthetic. On the outer … READ MORE