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Ryan McGinness Launches Custom Ping-Pong Table at The Standard

In what seemed like a pretty chill event, http://ryanmcginness.com/”>Ryan McGinness’ unveiled his custom ping-pong table at the SPiN Standard in Downtown Los Angeles under the bluish glow of black-lights.  While not as raucous and as exciting as Olympic Ping-Pong, McGinness’ latest work is arguably much more visually stimulating. … READ MORE


Ryan McGinness x Reebok RMCQ Art Shoe – Affili Art Collection

As a follow-up to the http://freshnessmag.com/2011/06/18/ryan-mcginness-x-reebok-carston-mid-affili-art-collection/”>Reebok Carston Mid CMYK Edition he designed for the Affili Art Collection, New York artist http://ryanmcginness.com/”>Ryan McGinness utilized his collaborative Reebok RMCQ Art Shoe as a true canvas. Done in either metallic gold or silver accentuated with black piping, McGinness applied whimsical … READ MORE


Incase x Ryan McGinness – Capsule Collection

Join artist http://ryanmcginness.com” target=”_blank”>Ryan McGinness on his cosmic expedition in this latest capsule collection from http://goincse.com” target=”_blank”>Incase. Billed as part of “The Black Hole Series”, McGinness explores the space and time-bending nature of event horizons, where matter, light, and all known substances are thrown into a single … READ MORE


Ryan McGinness x Reebok Carston Mid – Affili Art Collection

http://ryanmcginness.com/”>Ryan McGinness needs no introduction and the artist have been invited to participate in the Affili Art Collection by http://reebok.com”>Reebok. The Carston Mid was rearranged in the signature colorful tones representing McGinness. Themed in the CMYK palette, the asymmetrical colorways create an unique aesthetic. On the outer … READ MORE