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SAGLIFE – Bags and Accessories | September Release

This month, Japanese label   SAG (also known simply as SAGLIFE) releases a new series of messenger bags that have a rock-and-roll edge to them. The bag upper is created from a mix of reflect paint with an artistic touch of paint splatter graphics in a subdued … READ MORE


SAGLIFE – Bags and Apparel | July Release

Japanese label, SAG or simply known as SAGLIFE to some, started out providing quality snowboarding gear durable enough to withstand the harshest conditions in style, and recently branched out into fixed gear and other sports. For the month of July, SAGLIFE is releasing a series of new … READ MORE


SAGLIFE – Double Toe Strap

Long time bag and accessories brand SAGLIFE have started out catering for snowboarders then broaden their market to skateboarders and now fixed gear riders. With their high quality products, their popularity is ever increasing around the world. Their Double Toe Strap for fixed gear bicycles have been … READ MORE


SAGLIFE – 2009 S/S Spot Messenger Bags

Size S For the 2009 Spring Summer collection, SAGLIFE has released these spot messenger bags first before other releases. The messenger bags are always receiving improvements and in these models they have opted to use tarpaulin for the outer fabric which is more water resistant and an all new nylon … READ MORE



For those who are aware of the Japanese skateboard scene then Shin Okada needs no introduction, however for those who are unaware, Okada was the first ever Japanese skateboarder to be sponsored by an American skateboard company, Color run by another legendary skater, Kris Markovich. It was … READ MORE


SAGLIFE x FTC- Megatron Backpack

With a strong heritage in snowboarding, SAGLiFE back packs and messenger bags have been making noise in Japan and around the world. Firing up the popularity is the rise of fixed gear bicycle culture proving their messenger bags and back packs are as aesthetically pleaseing as being very functional. Waterproofing, … READ MORE

FTC x SAGLIFE (SAGLIFE) - Megatron 2 Backpack

FTC x SAGLIFE – Megatron 2 Backpack

Like so many rider, John Igei, a member of the FTC skate team, couldn’t find a suitable bag that is both well balanced and able to make the transition between storing skate decks, snowboard boots, or bike gears.  So working with SAGLIFE (or SAGLIFE), the duo re-drawn … READ MORE

SAGLIFE (SAGLIFE) - Air Force 1 Woodland Camouflage Messenger Bag

SAGLIFE – Woodland Camo – Air Force 1 Messenger Bag

No one could confirm where it all started.  Some said it was a standard issue among messengers by a large, now defunct, messenger service in NYC.  Whatever the case might be, the dual strap messenger bag appeared around New York during the Dot Com Bubble and soon … READ MORE



A new entry to accessory maker SAGLIFE (or SAGLIFE)’s product lineup.  The SAGLIFE collaboration with Japanese brand PUSH CONNECTION is roughly based on SAGLIFE’s Megatron model, a popular backpack in a manageable daypack size.  However, the similarity ends there.  Instead of the conventional nylon outershell, this new … READ MORE

SAGLIFE – Woodland Camouflage Coll. – Messenger Bag

ZOZOTOWN shopping network’s STLESS chapter just released a new set of messenger bags from SAGLIFE, or commonly known as SAGLIFE.  Feature an illustrated wooded field graphics and a reflective SAGLIFE branding on the bottom panel.  The Woodland Camouflage Collection is  comprised of functional and practical messenger bags … READ MORE

SAGLIFE (SAGLIFE) x MAGIC NUMBER - Travelers Messenger Bag

SAGLIFE x MAGIC NUMBER – Travelers Messenger Bag

A relative new comer to Tokyo’s urban wear scene, the label MAGIC NUMBER recently partnered with bag manufacturer SAGLIFE (aka SAGLIFE) on designing the Travelers Messenger Bag.  Essentially a bike messenger bag in half of its normal dimension. The SAGLIFE x MAGIC NUMBER Travelers Messenger Bag allows … READ MORE