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SANCTIOND – “Stories: Mark Arcenal” | Video

Mark Arcenal is an individual that needs no introduction; he is a key figure in the import car scene and lifestyle industry. Mister Cartoon‘s SANCTIOND interviews the SoCal automotive legend for their latest episode of Stories. When he is not looking after the Creative Direction of his … READ MORE


SANCTIOND Stories – Travis Barker Interview By Estevan Oriol | Video

Car enthusiasts are a very unique breed of human being, and the SANCTIOND Stories video series shows how passionate such people can be about automobiles. The latest interviewee for the series is the talented, automobile-crazed drummer, Travis Barker. He shares his love for cars, from old school … READ MORE


Mister Cartoon Unveils SANCTIOND Automotive | Video

Renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon translated his interest in cars into a business venture, a signature brand of premium car care products dubbed Sanctiond. The range of goods comprises waxes, polishes, spray detailers, interior and exterior cleaners and tire shines, each packaged in signature Mister Cartoon style. … READ MORE


SANCTIOND – Automotive Care Products by Mister Cartoon

There is no secret that the legendary tattoo artist Mister Cartoon is a huge car collector and an automotive enthusiast. He is known for his air brushing on custom cars and has been a familiar face at many of custom car shows. From lowriders to European luxury … READ MORE