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S/Double x Loopwheeler – Combo Project

S/Double reached out to Loopwheeler some time ago, as they turned their vision into reality in the first delivery from the self-proclaimed Combo Project. To begin with, they concocted two styles for the collaboration collection, Shawl Collar Sweatshirt and Zip Hoodie. The former silhouette comes in grey … READ MORE


Loopwheeler – International Online Store Launched

As we reported earlier, Loopwheeler has opened its doors to their newly launched International Online Store. The much-anticipated shop will come as a relief for overseas customers, who had been having a tough time picking up their garments outside of Japan. Stocked in the online store is … READ MORE


LOOPWHEELER International Online Store – Coming Soon

Even with its online store open, the only way to purchase a LOOPWHEELER product outside of Japan is to rummage through Nike Sportswear’s old discount section or have a friend/relative to buy it for you when they are in Japan. That won’t be the case forever. By … READ MORE


Loopwheeler Osaka – Officially Opens

After an assortment of previews and teases, the fabled Japanese label Loopwheeler finally opened its third retail location in Japan’s second largest city, Osaka. Situated at the city’s busy Central District (aka Chou Ward), the new storefront is in good company with the Marc Jacobs Osaka flagship … READ MORE


Loopwheeler Osaka – Special Edition Tote | Preview

In preparation for Loopwheeler Osaka, Satoshi Suzuki, the venerable label’s founder, divulged a few more details about the new flagship store in Japan’s second largest city. Set for a tentative opening date of August 16th, architect Masamichi Katayama of Wonderwall will be involve with the Osaka location, … READ MORE


Loopwheeler – Fall/Winter 2011 Mountain Parka Sample

Earlier this year, Loopwheeler dropped the Mountain Parka in the Spring/Summer 2011 collection and it flew off the shelves in a flash. Many customers might have missed out on these so Loopwheeler decided to bring them back in three distinct colorways. There will be Grey Merange/Blue Grey … READ MORE


Loopwheeler – New Website

Since Satoshi Suzuki introduced loopwheeler loom fabric into the general public’s consciousness, several imitations have joined the fray as well. While he cannot lay claim to be the first to do so, Suzuki certainly can claim to be the most authentic. From the acquisition of the loopwheeler … READ MORE