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Schwinn Sting-Ray 50th Anniversary Edition

In 1963, Schwinn capitalized on a local trend of fitting bicycles with motorcycle-inspired detailing by releasing the Sting-Ray. It was created by Schwinn designer Al Fritz and featured a high-rise, banana seat and ape hanger handlebars. By the end of the following year, the wheelie bike would … READ MORE

scwhinn racer 2011 summary

Schwinn – 2011 Racer Fixed Bikes

Realistically speaking, fixed gear culture breached the mainstream many, many years ago. So while some purists still insist on denigrating the newcomers, or the commercialization, now the elitism itself is painfully out of style. Plus, anyone taking the time to look down on the embrace of fixed … READ MORE


Schwinn – Vestige Biodegradable Flax Fiber Bike

The heritage bicycle company born and bred in the Windy City, Schwinn, had recently been awarded the Eurobike Gold Award for its innovative design with the first ever flax fiber biodegradable Vestige. After the bamboo bike, it seems as though cyclists and bike makers are taking the … READ MORE


Cannondale + Schwinn Demo Day | Event Recap

The clouds loom rather ominously over New York City today, pregnant with impending downpour. Luckily, all the clouds have done was to shelter the city from the sun, cooling the huge oven known as Manhattan for, if not, a split second, and surprisingly, made for a rather … READ MORE