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Scion iQ – “Babes N’ Donuts…and Milk” | Video

Scion‘s new ad campaign for its subcompact iQ, entitled “Babes n’ Donuts,” centers around — you guessed it — babes and donuts. Specifically, it’s four bikini-clad babes munching on donuts and drinking milk while seated inside a Scion iQ as it speeds through reverse donuts in the … READ MORE


Scion FR-S 600hp Drift Car

Just last month, we posted a video of Ken Gushi drifting in the new Scion FR-S. Now, Scion Racing has unveiled their drift car in Detroit, which was built in partnership with GReddy, an aftermarket performance parts giant. The details on the specs are still scarce, yet … READ MORE


Scion FR-S Drifting | Video

Perhaps it was a destiny for the Sci0n sponsored Formula Drift driver Ken Gushi, who was initially trained to drive by his father in a Toyota AE86. Now, it has come full circle and Gushi is testing out the new Scion FR-S at Sodegura Forest Raceway in … READ MORE


SEMA 2011 – 686 x Scion xB Numeric Concept

According to Michael Akira West, the Creative Director of snowboarding brand 686, every part of the 686 x Scion xB Numeric isn’t only a separate product but a stand alone inspiration to the overall concept as well. Created in part with help from Scion Racing and Spin … READ MORE


Scion Customizer Showcase For SEMA 2011

Scion always maintained the stance of promoting creativity through its cars, resulting in introduction of interesting concept cars every year. For this year’s SEMA show, Scion rolled out six unique custom vehicles from Cartel, Dynamic, 686, Michael Chang, Jon Sibal and Tatsu. All are highly individualized and … READ MORE


Scion iQ – A Test Drive In Manhattan Beach

Last week as our friends on the East Coast were just learning of the impending Hurricane Irene, we were in sunny Manhattan Beach California for a day of fun with the Scion iQ. The morning started with a brief history of the Scion brand, followed by the … READ MORE

Scion FR-S Concept Sports Coupe | Video

While the official day of opening is not till this Friday, there is already plenty of excitement building up in the Big Apple for the 2011 New York International Auto Show. Undeterred by the raising oil prices, car makers are unveiling their latest creations before the start … READ MORE


Scion FR-S Concept | Preview

It might be the Capital of Global Finance, the Capital of Media and Marketing, but for about 10 days in April every year, New York City becomes the Capital of Automobile. Setting the stage for the opening of 2011 New york International Auto Show, Scion unveiled the … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 08/09/2010 – 08/13/2010

If Puma or adidas or any other ┬ásportswear competitors out there are hoping to eliminate competition for once and for all, pulling some covert operation in New York City would have been most efficient this past weekend because the entire Nike and more have gathered in the … READ MORE


Team Need For Speed – 1,100HP Scion tC

If you thought racing cars of this caliber gets produced in short time you would be dead wrong. It took Chris Rado few years to build this up from conception to realization for the Team Need For Speed. The custom built all wheel drive Scion tC is … READ MORE


Scion X Theme Magazine – “Small Is Beautiful” Exhibition

Wonderments on smaller scale, really small… Presenting by Theme Magazine and Scion, a collection of dioramas from artist Jeremy Mora, Lori Nix, Tracey Snelling, Dan Funderburgh, Ji Lee, and Josh Cochran. In conjunction with the release of Theme‘s Art Collectors Issue, curated by Wooster Collective, the magazine … READ MORE