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Scion X Theme Magazine – “Small Is Beautiful” Exhibition

Wonderments on smaller scale, really small… Presenting by Theme Magazine and Scion, a collection of dioramas from artist Jeremy Mora, Lori Nix, Tracey Snelling, Dan Funderburgh, Ji Lee, and Josh Cochran. In conjunction with the release of Theme‘s Art Collectors Issue, curated by Wooster Collective, the magazine … READ MORE

Sneaker Bistro - Customized Scion xB

Sneaker Bistro – Customized Scion xB

In full front fashion, the Long Island-based Sneaker Bistro recently purchased and customized its very own Scion xB.  Tricked out swing arm door, lowered suspension, blackened light hood, the exterior is fully air-brushed with the company insignia and some of its prized sneakers.  However, it isn’t just … READ MORE