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DEVON – Tread 1 Exoskeleton Watch

Like someone suffering from the effects of attention deficiency disorder, designer Scott Devon dabbled in everything. First, there was the Devon GTX super car, a prototype he had hope would take on the best from Italian and German automakers. Then, there was Devon Denim, a high-end denim … READ MORE


DEVON Motorworks GTX Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction

In 2009 entrepreneur Scott Devon founded Devon Motorworks, with an eye toward manufacturing a bespoke American supercar based on the Dodge Viper platform. The Devon GTX concept was ultimately short-lived, as the Dodge Viper ceased production in 2010. Ultimately, just two examples of the vehicle were built, … READ MORE


DEVON WORKS Tread 1 Watch | Detailed Look + Video

To categorized designer Scott Devon’s new brand as only a “denim label” seems to be a bit erroneous. More appropriately, his eponymous creation, DEVON WORKS, is a design lab instead. Based in both New York and Los Angeles, Devon first explored design possibilities on his concept vehicle, … READ MORE


DEVON Motorworks – GTX

With most of the American car manufacturers’ business going into the gutters, we often wonder what will be the messiah to deliver local car makers from the dreaded Chapter 11. Is the solution a sensible Japanese compact hybrid? Or is it a super car to cater to … READ MORE