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10.DEEP – Spring 2014 Collection – Delivery 2 | Available Now

After a quick stopover in the Far East, 10.DEEP’s designer Scott Sasso took inspirations closer to home for Part 2 of the Spring 2014 Collection. With obvious influences from Hagia Sophia, the once great Orthodox Basilica and Imperial Mosque in Istanbul, Sasso meticulously combined design elements from … READ MORE


10.DEEP – Spring 2014 Collection | Delivery 2 Lookbook

Globe trotting virtually thanks to 10.DEEP as the apparel brand takes us from the Far East to the Middle East in its Spring 2014 “Internationally Known” Collection Delivery 2 Lookbook. With visible influences from Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia, the once great Orthodox Basilica and Imperial Mosque, designer Scott … READ MORE


10.DEEP – Spring 2014 Collection – Delivery 1 | Available Now

In tandem with the recent release of 10.DEEP x Timberland “Nomads” Euro Hiker Boots, the Brooklyn-based apparel label just stock its online shop with first run of its Spring 2014 Collection. Titled “Far East,” creative director Scott Sasso and 10.DEEP design team based the bold graphics on … READ MORE


Staple x HUF x Black Scale x 10.DEEP – Collaboration Project for Art Start

In between their own respective brands, creative minds like Jeff Staple of Staple, Keith Hufnagel of HUF, Michael “Mega” Yabut of Black Scale, Scott Sasso of 10.DEEP have looked for ways to give back to their supporters. And in the past few months or so, this quartet … READ MORE


Staple x HUF x Black Scale x 10.DEEP – “Art Start” Project | Teaser

After quietly working in tandem for some time, the quartet of streetwear influencers – Jeff Staple of Staple, Keith Hufnagel of HUF, Michael “Mega” Yabut of Black Scale, Scott Sasso of 10.DEEP, and their respective team members will be unveiling their collaborative project for New York City’s … READ MORE


10.DEEP – Summer 2013 “Lord of the Flies” Capsule Collection

10.DEEP apparel clothing company has rolled out a capsule collection inspired by the “Lord of the Flies” that touts a fashionably eccentric style worth mentioning. The pieces explore dark, botanical themes with an ever-present Venus Fly Trap plant creeping amongst the flora. The all-over print has been … READ MORE


10.DEEP – Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook | “Paradise Lost”

10.DEEP‘s Summer 2013 Collection continues the “paradise” theme from the New York-based brand’s Spring 2013 range. Once again vivid patterns are a dominant motif, with the lookbook showcasing “lush botanical, tribal and pharmaceutical-inspired prints.” There are pineapple and banana leaf prints on woven shirts and shorts, while … READ MORE


10.DEEP Spring 2013 Collection – Delivery 3 Lookbook | “Babylon”

Scott Sasso, the creative mind behind the brand 10.DEEP, would be the first to tell that “Babylon” is a loaded term. Much like the ancient city itself, the word Babylon invokes a sense of finality. Hence, after leading us astray through two diverging themes in Delivery 1 … READ MORE


10.DEEP – Spring 2013 Delivery 2 Collection – Teaser | Video

As a prelude to the launch of their second delivery offering, 10.DEEP has uploaded another teaser video from their Spring 2013 collection titled Into the Wild. The established New York-based brand has mastered the art of creating enough interest without giving too much away in their trailers, … READ MORE


10.DEEP x Brutus Pre-Spring 2013 Capsule Collection Lookbook

In the midst of our “sissy culture,” Brooklyn-base label 10.DEEP is asking folks to “man-up” with its latest collaboration, featuring everyone’s favorite pier side bully, Brutus. One of the more memorable villains from his childhood days, 10.DEEP’s founder/creative director Scott Sasso was able to transplant those familiar … READ MORE


Primitive Daily Essentials 01.30.13

In its first ever editorial post, crew at California-base retailer Primitive highlighted some of their favorite apparel, accessories, and footwear of the current season. For base layer, they went with the timeless FUCT 8 Bit Death Bunny Tee. The tribal patterns of Cuzco Button Down Shirt from … READ MORE