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10.DEEP x Brutus Pre-Spring 2013 Capsule Collection Lookbook

In the midst of our “sissy culture,” Brooklyn-base label 10.DEEP is asking folks to “man-up” with its latest collaboration, featuring everyone’s favorite pier side bully, Brutus. One of the more memorable villains from his childhood days, 10.DEEP’s founder/creative director Scott Sasso was able to transplant those familiar … READ MORE


Primitive Daily Essentials 01.30.13

In its first ever editorial post, crew at California-base retailer Primitive highlighted some of their favorite apparel, accessories, and footwear of the current season. For base layer, they went with the timeless FUCT 8 Bit Death Bunny Tee. The tribal patterns of Cuzco Button Down Shirt from … READ MORE


10.DEEP x Brutus – Spring 2013 Capsule Collection – Teaser | Video

Any writer will tell you that in order for any man versus man narrative to succeed, there must be a strong protagonist and an equally robust antagonist, similar to the revolving black and white discs on the yin-yang dualities. Thus, with classic comic strip title Popeye the … READ MORE


10.DEEP Fall 2012 Collection Delivery 2 Lookbook | “Outta Bounds & Off Limits”

Previewed a few days ago by way of a behind-the-scenes video, the lookbook for delivery 2 of 10.DEEP‘s Fall 2012 Collection — dubbed “Outta Bounds & Off Limits” — is now available for perusing. Picking up where the first release left off, the goods feature bold patterns … READ MORE


10.DEEP Fall 2012 Collection | Delivery 2 Behind The Scenes Video

In early September, we brought you a look at the first delivery from 10.DEEP‘s Fall 2012 Collection, but now the NYC-based clothing label is ready to ship part two of the line-up and they have an exclusive Behind the Scenes Video preview to prove it. Just like … READ MORE


10.DEEP Fall 2012 Collection Delivery 1 Lookbook | “Outta Bounds & Off Limits”

To put it quite simply, you can never take Scott Sasso’s designs at face value. At some point during the last ten years, the founder and creative director of 10.DEEP clothing label decided to veer away from all the familiar trends in his designs. And while 10.DEEP’s … READ MORE


10.DEEP – Summer 2012 Collection Lookbook – “Wild & Peaceful”

The latest Summer 2012 collection from 10.DEEP is entitled Wild & Peaceful, a slight departure from their usual Americana styles. For this collection, the team searched everywhere for influences, taking elements from animal prints, tonal mudcloths and tie dyes, wide range of camouflage patterns, and Native American … READ MORE


10.DEEP – Spring 2011 Collection Lookbook

A band of explorers in the midst of antiques strewn about like a playground for time travelers. There is no differentiation between past, present, or the future. Just relics from another time period, artifacts of another era. Similarly, this concept of boundless possibilities had resonance with Scott … READ MORE


Piecebook: The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers Book | By Sasha Jenkins & Chino BYI

10.DEEP Presents: Piecebook: The Secret Drawings of Graffiti Writers: The graffiti movement is one that has long influenced streetwear, culture and art in general. Sasha Jenkins (Ego Trip Magazine, White Rapper show) and Legendary Artist Chino BYI, in conjunction with 10.DEEP gives you a look behind the … READ MORE