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S/DOUBLE – Inna Bunch T-Shirt

Shawn Stussy found this photo in his archives, prompting the designer to whip up this Inna Bunch graphic. In his signature hand style, the fun comment inside the speech bubble reads “Damn – My Dreads Are All Up Inna Bunch!!”. The full color print is centered in … READ MORE


S/DOUBLE – Holiday 2012 Collection

The Holiday 2012 Collection from S/Double features a trio of key items highlighting the unmistakable iconography of streetwear legend Shawn Stussy. The individual pieces take the form of the Letterman’s Jacket from Portland’s Dehen, built with a navy melton wool body, cream-hued bison leather sleeves and a … READ MORE


S/DOUBLE – Letterman Jacket

Established in 1920s, Dehen is an experienced garment manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon. With a wealth of knowledge in producing jackets and sweaters, Dehen is the perfect partner when it comes to making high quality varsity jackets for S/Double. Shawn Stussy customized their classic letterman jacket by … READ MORE


S/Double x Reigning Champ – Capsule Collection

It looks like Shawn Stussy took a liking to the Canadian fleece specialists, Reigning Champ, as they are back again for another capsule collection. For this collaboration line, three key styles have been produced in their signature minimalist design. There is the zip hoodie, cardigan, and crew … READ MORE


S/DOUBLE – August 2012 | New Releases

Since its inception, S/Double has been a somewhat low-key company. However, with summer in full swing, they have decided to release numerous t-shirt designs. The graphics range from basic to boisterous, representing the many attitudes of the founder, Shawn Stussy. Incorporating his distinct handwritten typography and vintage … READ MORE


S/Double – Tokyo Limited T-Shirt Collection

Couple of months ago, on April 20 to be exact, Shawn Stussy opened his first S/Double flagship store outside of Santa Barbara, California. However, many may not realize, there are plenty of waves to be ridden in the coastal areas near Tokyo, and the new shop is … READ MORE


S/DOUBLE Surf Shop Tokyo Studio | Preview

Shawn Stussy is taking a new journey with his S/DOUBLE brand, expanding into the land of the rising sun. The newly established surf brand is opening another surf shop in the Meguro district of Tokyo. They recently held a pre-opening party and Tokyo’s fashion icons and creatives … READ MORE


S/DOUBLE Surf Shop Tokyo – Pre-Opening | By Shawn Stussy

That premier surf destinations you dreamed about might be just down the streets from you thanks largely to the “urban surf shop” trend. Following the opening of Saturday Surf Shop’s new storefront in Tokyo this week, the legendary Shawn Stussy also announced the arrival of his S/DOUBLE … READ MORE


S/DOUBLE – Surfboard Showroom Opens

Shawn Stussy has announced an exciting new chapter to his S/DOUBLE brand, the opening of his own surfboard showroom. Stussy is turning his love for the sport into business and this showroom has been set up to welcome customers. By no means is this a big business … READ MORE


Shawn Stussy S/DOUBLE – Twin Fin Surf Board Concept

S/DOUBLE, the latest venture from streetwear pioneer Shawn Stussy, hearkens back to its founder’s roots in the form of a new surf project: a hybrid surfboard that combines the best design elements of a Gregg Liddle egg with a classic Bob Simmons vibe. Still in the prototype … READ MORE

Chickflick T-Shirt

S/DOUBLE – New T-Shirts

Street wear as we know it might not be where it is without the legendary designer, Shawn Stussy. Since he had left the Stussy brand a while back, he has been slowly building up his own label, S/DOUBLE, and here we preview the new t-shirts directly from … READ MORE