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DOARAT x SECRET BASE x SpongeBob SquarePants – Glow-In-The-Dark Figure

If you are a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants, sit tight on your seat as you might just fall off it when you see this new figure from DOARAT and SECRET BASE. Japanese vinyl figure master, SECRET BASE, adds their unique horror touch on the famed cartoon character. … READ MORE


WHIZ Limited x mastermind JAPAN x Bounty Hunter x SECRET BASE – 76 Summit 2012 Collection

Every year, WHIZ Limited throws a party called 76 Summit on July 6, as the founder and designer Hiroaki Shitano is born in 1976. This year’s theme was dubbed 76 Summit is Dead, which showcased several high profile collaboration projects with fellow Tokyo brands, known for their … READ MORE


Ron English x SECRET BASE x TOY TOKYO – X-Ray Mc Super Size Figures

One of the famous artworks from Ron English is the artwork for Super Size Me, and these toys are an extension of the graphic. A trio of figures were made by SECRET BASE in conjunction with online store TOY TOKYO and despite the market normality, all of … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 10/25/2010 – 10/29/2010

Here is to the Halloween weekend, and to taking a day out of the entire year to finally be dressed up with no qualms or reservations about what you want to be. This week, Freshness has started another cycle of our giveaways with a new partnership with … READ MORE

Golden Tiger M996

atmos x SECRET BASE x New Balance – Golden Tiger M996

atmos got together with Tokyo’s cult toy store SECRET BASE for a triple brand name collaboration project with New Balance. The M996 model was chosen as a base to build the Golden Tiger M996. Inspiration for this project came from wild tigers and the gold/black color scheme … READ MORE

Doarat x Hello Kitty x Secret Base x Convex T-Shirt Black

Doarat x Hello Kitty x SECRET BASE x Convex – T-Shirt

Hello Kitty have taken the world by storm and now it has become an icon not for just girls but men’s brands Doarat, SECRET BASE and Convex have all joined forces to produce limited t-shirts. The graphic t-shirts are sold exclusively at online store EPROZE and they … READ MORE


SECRET BASE x USUGROW – Rebel Ink Premium Blue Version Vinyl Figure

Wondering what those hurried footsteps was as you walked home last night? They might be from this “thing”. The Rebel Ink is Japanese artist USUGROW‘s alter ego. Armed with paint brush and ink pen, Rebel Ink is about going against the grain, abandon the common beliefs, and … READ MORE



Grim yet eerily comical, artist Ron English‘s MC SUPERSIZED figure is a social commentary (albeit a creepy one) on the fast food addiction ingrained in today’s society. After the initial success of a previous design, English’s Popganda, along with Tokyo’s SECRET BASE and NY-base retailer TOY TOKYO … READ MORE