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Offspring x Selfridges Window Display

London’s http://selfridges.com”>Selfridges is not only the second largest department store in the UK, but its window display is also world-renowned and has evolved past its function of simply displaying merchandise for sale to a space for creativity coveted by brands and is featured in press worldwide. Right … READ MORE


Selfridges + Co. x Motorola – AURA Celestial Edition Cellphone – Competition

Like a fine tuned tourbillon timepiece, the http://motorola.com/staticfiles/Admin%20Content/Resources/Consumers/global/flash_content/microsites/teaser2/index_en_US.html” target=”_blank”>Motorola AURA Celestial Edition cellphone is a work of art.  Housed in a chemically etched stainless steel casing, the AURA encompassed some 700+ components, like tungsten carbide gears and an “assisted-opening blade”mechanism to swing open the phone.  That in … READ MORE