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American Dad! Stan Smith x adidas Originals Stan Smith | Available Now

With that signature mug of his, Stan Smith smiled approvingly at his latest collaboration with http://adidas.com/originals” target=”_blank”>adidas Originals… Wait, let us clarify the confusion a bit first. The Stan Smith in question isn’t the American tennis pro, who claimed the World’s #1 spot in 1972 but the … READ MORE


American Dad! collaborates with adidas Originals for Stan Smith x Stan Smith | Another Look

Created by animator https://twitter.com/SethMacFarlane” target=”_blank”>Seth MacFarlane, http://tbs.com/American-Dad” target=”_blank”>American Dad! is often seen as the more outrageous animated series than MacFarlane’s other creations, http://fox.com/familyguy” target=”_blank”>Family Guy and The Cleveland Show. The plot centers on the Smith family and the bizarre situations they find themselves in. Much of the … READ MORE


Stan Smith x adidas Originals Stan Smith Customs | Release Info

Yes, you read that correctly. Stan Smith will be collaborating with http://adidas.com/originals” target=”_blank”>adidas Originals to release a custom version of, the Stan Smith.  While there aren’t any images of what the shoe will look like, they did release this teaser featuring Stan Smith from http://fox.com/americandad” target=”_blank”>American Dad! … READ MORE


The Simpsons x Family Guy – Crossover Episode | Preview

In its battle for rating and television viewership, http://fox.com” target=”_blank”>FOX Broadcasting Company might’ve just “outfoxed” the competition over the weekend when it previewed the upcoming http://thesimpsons.com/” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons + http://fox.com/familyguy/” target=”_blank”>Family Guy crossover episode. First mentioned on trade publication http://freshnessmag.com/2013/07/22/the-simpsons-and-family-guy-appearing-together/” target=”_blank”>Variety last summer, the much anticipated episode … READ MORE


A Million Ways To Die In The West by Seth MacFarlane – Official Trailer | Video

The follow-up to Seth MacFarlane’s Ted is a live-action western comedy titled http://amillionways.com/” target=”_blank”>A Million Ways to Die in the West, set in Arizona in the year 1882. Not only is the film directed, co-written and produced by MacFarlane, but he also stars as Albert, a cowardly … READ MORE


“Family Guy” Resurrected Popular Character Brian Griffin: The Dog

After two weeks worth of rage and outcries, the folks behind the popular animated series http://fox.com/familyguy” target=”_blank”>Family Guy decided to resurrect Brian Griffin, the talking dog, from the dead… sort of. During a new episode titled “Christmas Guy” shown over the weekend, Stewie Griffin, the family’s in-house … READ MORE


“Family Guy” Killed Off Popular Character Brian Griffin: The Dog

The top trending entertainment news today isn’t who wore what at the http://abc.go.com/shows/american-music-awards” target=”_blank”>American Music Awards or http://mileycyrus.com” target=”_blank”>Miley Cyrus’ giant kitten backdrop at the show. Instead, it is the purported “death” of Brian Griffin, the beloved talking dog from the animated TV series http://fox.com/familyguy” target=”_blank”>Family Guy. … READ MORE


The Simpsons and Family Guy Appearing Together

In an upcoming episode of http://fox.com/” target=”_blank”>FOX’s http://fox.com/familyguy/” target=”_blank”>Family Guy, two of the best cartoon comedy franchises are set to finally meet face-to-face in what will be a historic (yes, this is tv history) crossover show with http://thesimpsons.com/” target=”_blank”>The Simpsons. While we’ll have to wait quite some … READ MORE


“Family Guy” Creator Seth MacFarlane To Host 85th Oscars Presentation

Right in between Justin Bieber vomiting on stage and Lindsay Lohan’s latest altercation in New York City came this surprising celebrity update – the http://oscar.go.com” target=”_blank”>American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences picked animator Seth MacFarlane to be the host of its http://oscar.go.com” target=”_blank”>2013 Academy Awards … READ MORE


Ted Official Trailer | Live Action Film By Seth MacFarlane

“…just grab your thunder buddy and say these magic words…” – The Thunder Song From Seth MacFarlane, yes the same http://twitter.com/#!/sethmacfarlane” target=”_blank”>Seth MacFarlane who created animated series http://fox.com/familyguy” target=”_blank”>Family Guy and http://fox.com/americandad” target=”_blank”>American Dad, comes http://tedisreal.com” target=”_blank”>Ted his first live action movie, a heartwarming tale about a … READ MORE


Freshness Week In Review: 4/3/2011 4/10/2011

Another busy week, with Spring collections from all over the globe, A-list parties, art events, audacious cars, and of course, lots of sneakers. First off in the summary of the week’s news is a look at the new BAPE store in Causeway Bay. As with BAPE flagship … READ MORE