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Nike SB Lunar One Shot Featuring Shane O’Neill | Video

With Shane O’Neill in tow, Nike SB travels to Buffalo, New York, to show off the city’s crumbling Rust Belt locations while casting a spotlight on the brand’s new Lunar One Shot. The following 60-second clip is beautifully shot, the picturesque tableaux of urban decay acting as … READ MORE

Nike SB - The SB Chronicles Vol2 Shane O'Neill Video

Nike SB – “The SB Chronicles Vol.2: Shane O’Neill” | Video

Shane O’Neill is a good example of a professional athlete who is out to get the job done, and enjoy the sport in the process. He makes skateboarding look easy, while his tricks are nothing but elementary. With an endless bag of tricks, O’Neill kills it in … READ MORE


Nike SB – “The SB Chronicles Vol. 2″ | New York City Premiere Event

Nike SB is set to premier the second installment of the three-part SB Chronicles video series in New York City tomorrow night. Spanning “San Jose to  to São Paulo and beyond,” the film is directed by Jason Hernandez and showcases full parts from an impressive lineup of Nike SB team riders, … READ MORE


Nike SB Lunar One Shot – Officially Unveiled

Deceivingly simple, Nike Skateboarding‘s new Nike SB Lunar One Shot is in fact one of the most technically advanced skate shoe out in the market today. Right off its original conception, designers and Nike SB team riders put the prototype through a rigorous testing regiment. The constant … READ MORE

Nike SB - SB Chronicles Vol 2 Trailer Part 2 Video

Nike SB – “SB Chronicles Vol. 2″ Trailer Part 2 | Video

The first volume of SB Chronicles premiered online in 2011, and now the second volume is set to launch at the end of this year. Leading up to the much-anticipated video, Nike SB has uploaded the part 2 of many trailers to come. Fans can expect flawless … READ MORE


Fourstar – Four Live Crew | Video

The latest video from Fourstar, a skateboarding apparel company, wraps up their high-energy tour around the state of Florida. Paying homage to the classic Miami rap group 2 Live Crew, this video is titled 4 Live Crew, featuring Sean Malto, Eric Koston, Shane O’Neill, Ishod Wair, Rick … READ MORE


THRASHER: King of the Road 2011 – With Nike SB Part 2 | Video

Longtime curator of skateboarding culture THRASHER has linked up with the Nike SB team in their latest video from the King of the Road 2011 contest. The comp features a series of challenges across the country (not all of which are skate-oriented: see “party with a hobo”), … READ MORE


Nike Festival of Sport – 5 Mintues with Nike SB Riders

With Nike Festival of Sports‘ whirlwind of activities, skate demonstrations, and festivities, finally drew to a close Sunday night.  The opportunity came to compile the brief conversations we had with all 4 Nike SB Team Riders.  We started with none other than Paul Rodriguez and his impression of … READ MORE


Nike Festival of Sport – Closing Ceremony

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Poe In dramatic fashion, the 3 MCs on stage brought out each athletes in attendance through the sea of gathered spectators last evening as the first ever Nike Festival of Sports concluded. The 4-day long event, filled with activities in basketball, … READ MORE


Nike Festival of Sport Opening Ceremony

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Poe Months of planning, weeks of coordination, and days of rehearsals all led to these few hours. Management, employees, volunteers, and security personnel all fixated at the monitoring station behind the grand stage made for this very moment, the statement of … READ MORE


Nike Festival of Sport – Nike SB Skate Demo

Produced by: Dan Hwang Written by: Poe One thing you immediately notice at Nike Festival of Sports , currently ongoing in Shanghai, China, is the amount of equipments on site, the amount of sporting gears that are stacked, grouped, arranged, even corralled, around almost every corner. While … READ MORE