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Shepard Fairey Obey to better

Gestalten – Shepard Fairey “Obey To The Better” | Video

Shepard Fairey is one of the key American artist who brought the stencil art/street art style to the masses. Responsible for building the Obey empire, based on his Obey Giant concept, Fairey gone through his shares of┬áheadaches and politics in addition to the fame and success. On … READ MORE


PAPER – Pharrell Williams + Shepard Fairey At Miami Art Basel | Video

Spotted: Skater-boy-entrepreneur-skater-singer-artist-designer extraordinaire, Pharrell Williams, and Shepard Fairey were caught frolicking with PAPER Magazine at Miami Art Basel held last week. Pharrell was supporting artistic collective, FriendsWithYou, and visiting the collective’s massive installation at the event, while Fairey, the guest editor for the most recent issue of … READ MORE


Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 – Shepard Fairey Mural

The annual pilgrimage to most lucrative art fair of the year, Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, is well underway. Cadre of artists, art dealers, and art lovers will converge along the sun-kissed Miami shoreline this week, while others have already finished the preparation needed. The latter include … READ MORE


OVER THE UNDER – Manhole Cover Art Exhabition

We walked on them, drove over them, even complained about them as hazards. But the stark reality is that without the lowly manhole covers, our city streets would be impassible, the utilities which run the city would laid bare to the elements. To shed some light on … READ MORE


Pharrell Williams x PAPER – “Renaissance Man” Interview With Shepard Fairey

For PAPER Magazine’s latest Art Issue, the magazine had called on one of contemporary urban art/label greats, Shepard Fairey, to assume the post of guest editor. And as a part of the Art Issues’ many exciting features, Fairey has interviewed Pharrell Williams himself, and the duo who … READ MORE

Shepard Fairey x STRANGEco MR. SPRAY With OBEY Stencil Vinyl Figure – SDCC 2010 Edition

Every year, there are some sorts of migration patterns during the month of July. Early in the month, droves of fashion conscious head to Paris the haute couture shows. Those in rag trade fly to Berlin for Bread & Butter. Then, there is the San Diego Comic … READ MORE


Shepard Fairey x STRANGEco MR. SPRAY With OBEY Stencil Vinyl Figure

First original vinyl figure Shepard Fairey in 11 years, MR. SPRAY was conceived originally in 2004 by the artist. The basis was to invoked the many advertising caricatures, which dotted the landscape of America popular culture during the 1950s, along with the emergence of street art culture. … READ MORE


Shepard Fairey – Limited Edition Iggy Pop Canvas Print | Available Now

To what extent will an artist go for his or her art? For Shepard Fairey, it is about breaking the mold of the so called “elitist structure of the high art”, as he duel and lost in his copyright contest with Associated Press. For punk rocker Iggy … READ MORE

Shepard_Fairey May Interview 2

Interview Magazine – Shepard Fairey Interview by Iggy Pop

Shepard Fairey’s rise to fame was not unearned. However, it was definitely no without repercussions either. First, Fairey’s “Hope” hero-esque portrait of Obama brought him to fame (of course, Obama winning the elections definitely helped as well), but it has not only brought him fame, it has … READ MORE