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Karl Lagerfeld x Shin Tanaka – “KARLxSHIN Paper Toy Mania” Paper Figurines

Having done everything from sneakers, manga characters, even Emily the Strange, paper toy specialist Shin Tanaka just made his first inroad into high fashion with the one and only Karl Lagerfeld. Known to be a perfectionist himself, Tanaka welcomed the challenge once approval imminent from Lagerfeld & … READ MORE

Chop Shop Chibby 6

Frank151 x Shin Tanaka – Frank’s Chop Shop Chibby Paper Toy

While mass production toys and figures can take our breath away, the simplicity of origami like paper toy by Shin Tanaka is an one of a kind that can give enjoyment to the maker themselves. Frank151 have teamed up with Tanaka to produce the fun little Frank’s … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka - Hoophy

Shin Tanaka – Hoophy

After his debut presentation at Kennedy Center earlier this year, Japanese paper artist SHIN TANAKA just launched his newest character, Hoophy.  Covered almost entirely in an over sized hoodie, the figurine is made completely out of paper.  And in SHIN TANAKA fashion, the figureine is absolutely free.  … READ MORE


Rock Paper Sneakers Exhibition – August 17th

Rock Paper Sneakers is a paper art exhibition of Shin Tanaka in association with Nike. Featuring collaborations from top local designers, street artists, photographers, tattoo and ink artists, including: Conduit Design, Theory One, Kronk, Sibot, Enos, Rasty, Disk, Robin Sprong, Jade, Tocil, Grotti Comics, Martine Jackson, Ricky … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka’s MASK HOODY – Series 3

Our friend Shin Tanaka is back with his D.I.Y paper toy – Mask Hoody series 3. His 3rd series features 7 participating artists ; ALF SIMS, BOUNCE, DZUS, HUMAN, ISAAC, JUNE, MIGRANTE…. Shin, Its awsome looking as always! You can now download from Shin’s website so iF … READ MORE


Shin Tanaka – SPIKY BABY [SERIES 07]

Our talented friend from Fukuoka, SHIN TANAKA, just launched the 7th series of SPIKY BABY paper figures. Like all other SHIN TANAKA‘s projects, this latest series is also do-it-yourself. A total of 9 artists from all over the globe joined SHIN TANAKA on this collaboration. The 9 … READ MORE

Garbege – Spring 07 “Man vs Machine” Fashion Show

As the New York Fashion Week officially kicked off on February 2nd, New York’s own premiere street wear brand Garbege also debut their Spring 2007 collection with a fashion show at The Royalton Hotel on January 31st. Packed with guests and friends, all to catch a glimpse … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka – MASK HOODY

The approaching cold weather prompted our friend SHIN TANAKA to create this new paper craft figures. Named “MASK HOODY”, there are 12 designs, including these all-over camo print. The designs are randomized on SHIN‘s website. As always, this DIY project is completely free. Also, SHIN is taking … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka – SPIKY BABY Series 4

Spiky Baby Series 4 is available on SHIN‘s website. His Paper Figurines have been able to reach out to many artists and design firms, Creating a new media platform for  up-and-coming designers/illustrators to amateur/pro, Colaborating with SHIN. Take this opportunity before time runs outs, and you don’t … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka – SPIKY BABY – Series 3

SHIN TANAKA just released his new SPIKY BABY – Series 3 paper figurines. You may download 13 different designs + special secret version that is randomly selected through his website. You can also check out his other paper art works too. > SHIN TANAKA Flyer and photos … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka Kami Zoo @ LESS RAIN

LESS RAIN Presents: SHIN TANAKA Kami Zoo Exhibition Japan based paper-craft artist SHIN TANAKA‘s art works are currently on display at the gallery section of LESS RAIN in Berlin. Visitors ou can see all SHIN’s past paper toys as well as more recent collaborations with European artists. … READ MORE