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Shin Tanaka x Meister Kobe – Anniversary T-Shirts

To mark their 1st anniversary, Meister Kobe adidas originals, retailers in the Kansai region of Japan, released a collaborative t-shirt with our friend, Shin Tanaka. The front of the Meister t-shirt featured Shin’s signature character, T-BOY, adorned with crystals from Swarovski. Shin created a new, Meister Kobe … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka – World Cup GRITTY

One more news about our friend, Shin Tanaka. He recently updated his site with one DIY paper figure. This World Cup edition of GRITTY comes with its own soccer jersey. You can download the template and try it out yourself. For a limited time only. > Shin … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka – GRITTY

Our friend Shin Tanaka launched his latest paper toy, GRITTY, early this week. Like all of his past designs, you can download the templates through Shin‘s website and customize your own GRITTY. The toy comes in 2 parts – the figure and its mask. Samples of GRITTY … READ MORE


Shin Tanaka – SPIKY

After last month’s exhibition at Compound Gallery in Portland, Oregon, our friend Shin Tanaka just added some new figurines for his “Spiky” line of paper toys, including collaboration with Singapore designer Rehybrid. Like all of his other artworks, a downloadable template of “Spiky” is available on his … READ MORE


Shin – T-Boy X adidas

The T-Boy X Adidas collaboration has been revealed, funny to find this out on ilovemyadidas who found Shin’s site from Freshness. Check out a whole list of new T-Boys designed for the exhibition recently held at the Compound Gallery at Just Be, three of the collaborations were … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka

Event Reminder – Shin Tanaka T-Boy @ Compound

Just Be Complex / Compound Gallery and Adidas presents: Shin Tanaka’s The T-Boy Exhibition TONIGHT!!! 7 PM Just Be Complex / Compound Gallery 107 NW 5th Avenue, PDX OR 97209 Shin will be displaying Adidas X T-Boy and colab. T-BOYs, which Freshness participated in and some of … READ MORE

Shin Tanaka's New Project

New Stuff @ Shin Tanaka

Our friend, the artist Shin Tanaka, just added more pictures to his website, including a new project (pictured) and 7 new T-Boy designs with Adidas. Another very cool addition is a step-by-step photo instruction on how to make your own Nike Air Force One out of paper. … READ MORE

The T-Boy Exhibition @ Compound

ust Be Complex / Compound Gallery
107 NW 5th Avenue, PDX OR 97209 READ MORE

Freshness x Shin Tanaka | The T-Boy Exhibition

Freshness x Shin Tanaka | The T-Boy Exhibition Freshness x Shin Tanaka’s T-Boys more to come… Shin Tanaka’s T-Boys