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Carhartt WIP – SHOHEI Exhibition Tokyo | Event Recap

Since their high-profile collaboration project, http://carhartt-wip.com/”>Carhartt WIP managed to expand the audience for an established Japanese artist, http://hakuchi.jp/”>SHOHEI. A good volume of work had been created by him for the apparel company’s campaigns, and this exhibition in Tokyo collates the illustrations under one roof. Alongside the drawings … READ MORE


Carhartt WIP – Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign by SHOHEI – Part 5 | Video

A far cry from the stick-figures and 3-D boxes we’re the most proud of, http://hakuchi.jp/” target=”_blank”>SHOHEI continues to add illustrations to http://freshnessmag.com/?s=SHOHEI” target=”_blank”>collaborative campaign for Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2012 Collection with the release of the Part 5 drawing. For this clip, the Tokyo-based artist recreates Carhartt WIP’s Siberian Parka … READ MORE


Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign By SHOHEI Part 4 | Video

Detailed to near photo-realism with a simple ballpoint pen, Japanese artist http://hakuchi.jp” target=”_blank”>SHOHEI just added one more illustration to his http://freshnessmag.com/?s=SHOHEI” target=”_blank”>collaborative campaign for Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Highlighted in this fourth edition is the Arctic Coat. Fully lined for warmth, each features a 1000-denier nylon … READ MORE


Carhartt WIP – Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign By SHOHEI – Part 3 | Video

Prolific Japanese illustrator http://hakuchi.jp”>SHOHEI amazes us with his extraordinary skills once again. This is the third installment of the http://carhartt-wip.com”>Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2012 campaign and his work is as breathtaking as ever. Armed with only a black ballpoint pen and white paper, SHOHEI draws a detailed photo-realistic … READ MORE


Carhartt WIP – Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign By SHOHEI – Part 2 | Video

Tokyo based illustrator http://hakuchi.jp/”>SHOHEI is a master of the old medium, pens and markers. For the part two of the http://carhartt-wip.com/”>Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2012 campaign, the video records the artist working on a monochromatic drawing from scratch. Fast-forwarded in a time-lapse style, the plain white paper starts … READ MORE


Carhartt WIP – Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign By SHOHEI | Video

Even with all of the technologies and software available these days, an accomplished illustrator can still amaze us with just one black ballpoint pen and a blank piece of paper. http://carhartt-wip.com/”>Carhartt WIP teams up with Japanese illustrator/artist http://hakuchi.jp/”>SHOHEI once again to complete their Fall/Winter 2012 Campaign. They … READ MORE