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SHOWstudio - SK8THING Interview Video

SHOWstudio – SK8THING Interview | Video

It is a rare sight to see prolific Japanese designer SK8THING of c.e participating in a video interview, especially an interview conducted outside of Japan. Fans of the designer would already know that his disguise has become one of his trademarks, hiding his identity when photographed or … READ MORE

SHOWstudio x c.e - Collaboration Collection 01

SHOWstudio x c.e x Oneohtrix Point Never – Collaboration Collection

Finally, the veil is off on the collaboration project between British fashion retailer and website SHOWstudio and cult Japanese streetwear brand c.e. On top of the two high profile brands, c.e called out to Brooklyn-based experimental/contemporary musician Oneohtrix Point Never. The graphics and text is derived from … READ MORE

SHOWstudio x c.e. - Collaboration Collection Preview 00

SHOWstudio x c.e. – Collaboration Collection | Preview

If you are a fan of either SK8THING or c.e., then you are going to love the latest news from British fashion media and retailer SHOWstudio. A collaboration project is on the horizon, alongside an exclusive interview with SK8THING. Since the prolific Japanese designer stay well away … READ MORE

SHOWstudio x Heron Preston - Collaboration Collection Preview 00

SHOWstudio x Heron Preston – Collaboration Collection | Preview

Heron Preston is a man who plays a key role in our industry, bringing new life into streetwear culture and party scene. From his involvement in BEEN TRILL as a founding member and holding down a role as global digital producer for Nike, Preston certainly wears many … READ MORE

SHOWstudio x AMBUSH - Collaboration Collection Preview 00

SHOWstudio x AMBUSH – Collaboration Collection | Preview

London-based fashion media and boutique SHOWstudio has announced their newest collaboration project with Tokyo’s AMBUSH. It comes as no surprise really, as both brands are the leading figures in their respective cities. The teaser provided by SHOWstudio shows a range of items, including caps, wristbands, and rings. … READ MORE

KTZ x BEEN TRILL - Collaboration Collection 01

KTZ x BEEN TRILL – Collaboration Collection

London’s leading fashion media and retail store, SHOWstudio, is offering an exclusive pre-order for the KTZ and BEEN TRILL collaboration collection. Furthermore, for the tech-savvy fashionistas out there, you will be happy to know that their online store will be accepting the digital currency, Bitcoin, alongside other … READ MORE


HOOD BY AIR – Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Film | “FUCCBOI” by Jack Heller & Matthew Williams

A distortion of time and space, a flash of flesh, bling and sexuality, and finally, the free flowing wigs in blond forms and brunette silhouettes… Even though “FUCCBOI”, the latest fashion film from label HOOD BY AIR, won’t give away too much about the upcoming Fall/Winter 2014 … READ MORE

ce - Spring Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook Video

c.e – Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Lookbook | Video

Rather than follow trends, c.e (also known as Cav Empt) is paving its own lane somewhere in between fashion and streetwear. As a precursor to a collaboration project with Britain’s SHOWstudio, they are releasing the Spring/Summer 2014 collection video lookbook on their site. Once again, SK8THING and … READ MORE

Hood By Air x Been Trill - Emoji 100 T-Shirt 00

BEEN TRILL – “Emoji 100″ T-Shirt

BEEN TRILL is starting the New Year with a rather interesting piece. Based on the tiny caricatures seen on cellphone communiques, the BEEN TRILL “Emoji 100″ t-shirt will no doubt be another item that will be gone before we know it. Pixelated graphics on the front and … READ MORE

SHOWstudio x HOOD BY AIR - Collaboration Collection 05

SHOWstudio x HOOD BY AIR – Collaboration Collection

Leading British fashion media, gallery, and retailer, SHOWstudio, unveiled the latest joint venture with HOOD BY AIR. These pieces are strictly exclusive to the SHOWstudio online shop in limited quantities. There are two sweatshirts and one long sleeve t-shirt, all boasting the bold graphics and over-sized silhouette … READ MORE


Stussy for Timberland – 6-Inch Boot 3D Interactive Video | By Matthew Williams

With help from British fashion maven Nick Knight and his SHOWstudio creative agency, streetwear staple Stussy unveiled its new 3D interactive film today. Put together by #BEEN #TRILL‘s Matthew Williams and director Jack Heller, the interactive promo features Stussy’s Winter/Holiday 2013 styles as well as one very … READ MORE