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Dexter x LOOK/SEE Sunglasses

In light of the old saw about the eyes being a window to the soul, it makes sense that the Showtime program Dexter is LOOK/SEE‘s first collaborative partner, as the titular character is a serial killer whose true identity is a tightly guarded secret to his co-workers … READ MORE


LOOK/SEE: Camping | Video

LOOK/SEE‘s “Camping” video presents a camping trip gone awry. The video begins with our intrepid outdoorsman waking up in his tent, with the tools of his trade laid out next to him: in addition to his trusty camera and Portland Trail Blazers snapback, he’s ready to face … READ MORE


LOOK/SEE – Sneaker-Themed Sunglasses Collection

Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, designer Kyle Yamaguchi and his wife, Shu-Chu, decided to try their hands at creating their very own eyewear label. In two years time, that label, 141 Eyewear, bloomed into a profitable venture, enough so for Yamaguchi to look for another challenge to … READ MORE