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Shut Gold Plated Skateboard Behind the Scenes Video 160x160

SHUT – Gold-Plated Skateboard Behind-the-Scenes Video

New York City’s own SHUT made some noise with their unconventional gold-plated complete skateboard last month, retailing at whopping US$15,000. To defy the critics, Network A went behind-the-scenes to document the complicated gold-plating process. Skateboard is made from three main components, wood for the deck, urethane for … READ MORE

shut 15000 usd gold plated skateboard 05 160x160

SHUT – $15,000 USD Gold-Plated Skateboard

Thought to be a April Fools’ prank at first, it turned out SHUT’s $15,000 USD gold-plated skateboard was not only to be very real but for sale too. A special project initiated by the LES skate shop, the board is much like any others at 31 1/2 … READ MORE

Skullcandy x Harold Hunter Foundation Aviator Headphones 04 160x160

Skullcandy x Harold Hunter Foundation – Aviator Headphones

New York City’s legendary skateboarder, Harold Hunter, will forever be engrained in skateboarder’s minds as an enigmatic character on and off his skateboard. Hunter represented the city, and after his tragic passing, the Harold Hunter Foundation was set up as a non-profit organization to help inner city … READ MORE

saturdays surf nyc shut skateboards cruiser skateboard deck 00 160x160

Saturdays Surf NYC x SHUT Skateboards – Cruiser Skateboard Deck

Saturdays Surf NYC acknowledges and pays tribute to the first ever skateboard company from New York City, SHUT Skateboards, in their latest collaboration project. Instead of conventional skateboard decks, the surf company selected the cruiser shape, a friendlier skateboard for cruising around the city. Four versions are … READ MORE

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Established in 1986, SHUT is New York City’s first skateboard company, making high-quality decks and gear tough enough to withstand the mean streets of Gotham. SoHo-based surf shop SATURDAYS has partnered with SHUT on a complete skateboard, with a deck constructed from 7-ply hardwood maple and featuring … READ MORE