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Sidney Lo – What Are You Wearing Today?

http://sidneylophoto.com” target=”_blank”>Sidney Lo Presents: What Are You Wearing Today? Self-documentation, in its numerous forms from blog journals, daily self portraits to video clips, been propagated to even a wider extent ever since the introduction of online tools and media. Now, photographer http://sidneylophoto.com” target=”_blank”>Sidney Lo is taking that … READ MORE


Freshness Feature: Sidney Lo

Interview with http://sidneylophoto.com/” target=”_blank”>Sidney Lo Interviewed by Thomas Bradley Produced by retrogurl When did you decide you had artistic inclinations above and beyond what is considered to be the “norm”? I think that decision, or realization, hits you at various points in your career. For myself, the … READ MORE

Portrait of a Sneaker by Sidney Lo

Intrigued by the allure of sneaker culture, Portrait of a Sneaker is a photographic documentary by Sidney Lo, a 19 year old photographer originally from San Francisco, California. Fascinated by the medium of the Internet and the exclusivity within this consumer culture, he spent the past three … READ MORE