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Signal Snowboards – World’s First 3D Printed Snowboard

As part of their Every Third Thursday web series, the guys at Signal Snowboards have come up with some creative snowboard concepts in the past, including one made of glass and another embedded with a working iPad. For their latest project, the Signal crew teamed up with … READ MORE


Signal Snowboards – Glass Snowboard

We would have never dreamed of seeing the words, glass and snowboard, next to each other. Signal Snowboards went to great lengths to make their fantasy come to reality. Now, you might be excused for thinking that this glass snowboard will break in half as soon as … READ MORE


Signal Snowboards – Every Third Thursday – iShred

Every Third Thursday is a web series that the crew at California-based Signal Snowboards developed to showcase some clever outside-the-box thinking, conjuring up creative ideas for snowboard concepts and sharing them with viewers every third Thursday of every month. A sampling of past episodes — LEGO, Boombox, … READ MORE


Signal Snowboards x VANS – Every Third Thursday: VANS Off The Wall Snowboard

Inspiration comes not only from observable cues, but for the most part, it fashion itself in midst of a process like making a snowboard. On this believe, the creative heads of Signal Snowboards built an one-of-the-kind model, based simply on actual VANS sneakers they wore. Traced, magnified, … READ MORE