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Post Sale Interview with NIGO

Just earlier this month, we had reported on the majority purchase of Nowhere Corp., a parenting company of streetwear brand A Bathing Ape, by Hong Kong fashion giant I.T. It sent shock-waves through different media platforms in the fashion and streetwear industry. Rumors were already circulating prior … READ MORE


Breaking News: Hong Kong’s I.T Buys 90% Of A Bathing Ape For $2.8 Million

As most of Asia arrives at Tuesday afternoon, Hong Kong’s fashion group I.T made a surprising announcement its purchase of NOWHERE Corp., parent company of street wear label A Bathing Ape, or better known as BAPE. With the purchase, priced at 230 million Japanese yen, or roughly … READ MORE


SILLY BAPE THING – Second Delivery

As we near the end of 2010, SILLY BAPE THING, the brainchild of TK from SILLYTHING and NIGO from BAPE, is releasing the second delivery of its special collection. The new delivery continues to follow on the non-hip-hop aesthetic favored by TK, which is quite a departure … READ MORE


SILLY BAPE THING – Apparel Collection

The high profile and cerebral collaboration between Hong Kong creative, SILLYTHING, and streetwear baron, BAPE, SILLY BAPE THING, had launched not too long ago with fans excited and fingers ready to tap the mouse and necks strained to see what TK and NIGO are up to. Aside … READ MORE



In essence, the newest chapter of BAPE stemmed from 3 core themes – encountering, collaborating, and finally evolving. While the former 2 have been a common practice since the label’s creation 17 years ago. The last concept, evolving, hasn’t been into practice till more recently with one … READ MORE


SILLY BAPE THING – 2 Generals Head Tee

The collaboration between Hong Kong’s SILLY THING and Japan’s A Bathing Ape continues with this new SILLY BAPE THING 2 Generals Head Tee that features a combined Ape face with the face of SILLY THING founder, TK. Above the t-shirt SILLY BAPE THING is written while below … READ MORE


SILLY BAPE THING -Two Generals T-Shirts | Preview

The countdown on the SILLY BAPE THING website now reads 2 days and counting. It is nearly time for the SILLY BAPE THING project to be revealed and to start off the product line up are the two t-shirts that have jumped the gun and will be … READ MORE