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Sneaker Tokyo Vol.2 “Hiroshi Fujiwara” – iPad Edition

Sneaker Tokyo Vol. 2, published as a print edition this past spring, has been released for the iPad. This volume examines Hiroshi Fujiwara’s longstanding relationship with sneakers, from those he considers personal favorites to the many collaborations he’s designed. One highlight is a photographic archive of 200 … READ MORE


Sneaker Tokyo Vol. 3 | Release Information

This is the Puma you have never seen before. Well, at least until this weekend. One of the most coveted bibles of sneakerism, Sneaker Tokyo, has finally completed their third issue. While the second issue spotlights Hiroshi Fujiwara and Nike, Sneaker Tokyo Vol. 3 focuses on the … READ MORE


PUMA Archive Gallery Reception

  This is not just sneaker 101. This is the Puma that you don’t know about. And Japan’s Shoe Master is about to give you a graduate crash course on one of the heavyweights in the sportswear world, Puma. After featuring Nike and Hiroshi Fujiwara on Sneaker … READ MORE


Sneaker Tokyo Vol. 3 | Sneak Peek

One of the most respected and coveted publications for sneakers created by the Shoe Master team, Sneaker Tokyo, since its inception has been extremely well received and considered one of the key reads for sneakerheads. Last year, Sneaker Tokyo Vol. 2 featured designer Hiroshi Fujiwara, the man … READ MORE