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Sneakerpedia – A Chat with Dave White

Artist (and friend) Dave White may be billed as the Warhol of his generation by Art Daily and as a reincarnation of Jackson Pollock by The Londonist, but in his heart, he is just a cold-stupid-on-a-serious-tip sneakerhead from Liverpool, England. Having gained notable acclaim from his sneaker series … READ MORE


Sneakerpedia Spotlight: Original 1980s Nike Air Max Sneakers

An expansive online resource for the sneaker community, Sneakerpedia can also double as a showcase for one’s personal sneaker collections (our own Yu-Ming’s personal rotation of Nike Air Max 1s being a prime example). User ICEBERG has uploaded an amazing stash of original Nike Air Maxes from the … READ MORE


Sneakerpedia Trailer | Video

To find out about a pair of sneakers, there is no more annotating your search in question with “wiki” in your Google search bar. Now, there is a specialized user-generated wealth of sneaker information created by sneakerheads for sneakerheads, thanks to those who sell sneakers, Footlocker. The … READ MORE