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Sony PIIQ – Giiq Headphones | Review

As previewed on Freshness Live, a package has landed in the Freshness office from Sony via American Pop. The package in question, unwraps to unveil the Giiq headphone from Sony’s new line of headphones, the PIIQ. A little quick background recap on the PIIQ, the new line … READ MORE


Sony PIIQ Headphones | Available Now

Surprisingly, for a power user, especially those who enjoy some sonic blasts while tearing through the power or tricking on the ramps, headphones are perhaps one of the most fragile items. Meanwhile, if you do manage to get your hands on a pair of sturdy ones, they … READ MORE


Billabong x Sony Vaio W Series Imperial Lime Edition Laptop

Vivienne Tam and BAPE are no longer the only designers with a mini PC out now– surf label Billabong has joined in the trans-industry high-tech collaboration crowd by partnering up with Sony to create a colorful board short inspired Sony Vaio W Series Imperial Lime Edition Mini … READ MORE


Earth F.C.

Soccer is one of the most popular sports played in African countries, and despite how the continent is divided by language, religion, culture and more, soccer unites the African nations. However, when a soccer ball is kicked around with such luster of enthusiasm in harsh conditions, the … READ MORE


Nike x Sony PlayStation 3 – Trainer 1

The collaborative effort between Sony Playstation and Nike has already produced a hyperstrike Air Force 1 collaboration, but this effort is even more limited, as only 24 pairs were produced. This Air Trainer model is exemplary in it’s ambitious design and execution. This model is certainly unrestrained … READ MORE


Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) – New 120GB Slim Edition

Sony launched the first volley in this year’s “holiday gaming console war” as Kazuo “Kaz” Hirai, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Division announced earlier today the new Sony Playstation 3 (PS3) 120GB Slim Edition.  1/3 smaller than the original PS3, the new slim form factor will … READ MORE

Sony PSP Go

Sony debuted their PSP Go a few days earlier than expected, the PSP Go is the newest portable gaming device from the Japanese based company. The PSP Go features a 3.8-inch display, 16 GB of Flash storage,built-in Bluetooth, Memory Stick Micro slot, integration with the PlayStation 3, … READ MORE

CLOT x Sony PSP - M65 Jacket

CLOT x Sony PSP – M65 Jacket

CLOT is working with Sony once again after working together sometime back on a triple collaboration along with Headporter on the Sony PSP case. This crossover M65 jacket is named PS.P.C. M65 where PS stands for Playstation, P for Philosophy and C for Clot. Through out the … READ MORE

Sony PS Pictogram x PORTER x CAPCOM Monster Hunter

ZOZO – Sony PS Pictogram x PORTER x Monster Hunter

Game maker CAPCOM, in conjunction with Sony and YOSHIDA KABAN (maker of PORTER) launched a special edition PORTER pack for PSP, along with the release of the game Monster Hunter. Originally for PS2 gaming platform only, the 2nd generation of its portable version, dubbed Monster Hunter Portable … READ MORE

Sony PS Pictogram x PORTER x Final Fantasy

ZOZO – Sony PS Pictogram x PORTER x Final Fantasy

Game maker Square Enix expanded their Final Fantasy franchise last Fall with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, a long awaited game that was first announced in 2004. With its release, both Sony and YOSHIDA KABAN (maker of PORTER) also launched special editions of their own, including a … READ MORE

Nike Air Max 90/360 Hybrid Playstation 3 Promo

Finally, a pair hits the auction block. This is by far the hottest Air Max 90/360 Hybrid, not just because its super rare, the materials and colors used on this hybrid is super sick! If you are going to spend $2000 to $5000 this is the shoe … READ MORE