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Hot Toys – Star Wars Shadow Trooper Collectible Figure

Following the release of of their Stormtrooper figures from Star Wars Episode VI: A New Hope, Hot Toys has announced a new member of their lineup, the Shadow Trooper collectible figure. Modeled after its film counterpart, this specialized solder of the Galactic Empire is meticulously crafted with … READ MORE


Matte Paintings From The Original Star Wars Trilogy

The beauty of Star Wars is that it created an entire universe that people could discover and re-discover and fall in love with over generations. Some of the most creative minds in the film and design industry were involved in the creation of scenes so real and … READ MORE


Fan-Made Star Wars Anime

Fan-based Star Wars films has become something of a cottage industry, and few are better made than this animated short from Paul Michael Johnson, rendered in the style of a typical anime film. It first made the rounds online a couple of years ago, but its worth revisiting … READ MORE


Darth Vader Redesign by Steve Wang

Star Wars fan art should become more prevalent online as we inch ever closer to the release date for the film franchise’s latest installment, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. One such example is a redesigned Darth Vader, the Sith Lord who plays a crucial role in every … READ MORE


Star Wars x adidas Originals – Spring 2015 Kids Collection

adidas Originals gets their Midi-chlorian count up with the debut of a new collection from a galaxy far, far away. We gave you a preview of one of the pieces earlier this week and now we’re treated to a full look at the Star Wars x adidas … READ MORE


adidas ZX700 “Darth Vader”

Do you ever walk into a Target and wish they had those awesome character slippers in your size? We definitely do. Pretty much all the time. If you can resonate, then you’ll know how badly we wish these adidas ZX 700 “Darth Vader” editions came in our … READ MORE


A Star Wars Fan Calculated the Episode VII Speeder’s Acceleration

What we’re about to say, we say with love – the Star Wars fandom is crazy. We knew that as soon as the teaser for Episode VII came out, people would pause it frame by frame analyzing each bit of it, but Rhett Allain of Wired took … READ MORE


Hot Toys – Darth Vader Collectible Figure

Must we reiterate time and time again how amazing everything that comes out of Hot Toys is? We showed you the Stormtroopers and Boba Fett, both realistic enough to jump straight into the screen and now we have a (swear word) awesome figure of the original Skywalker … READ MORE


Champion x BEAMS – Star Wars Capsule Collection

Sportswear brand Champion has teamed up with Japanese retailer BEAMS to collaborate on a small capsule made only for the most comfy of Star Wars fanboys. The range includes four sets of matching crewneck sweaters and sweatpants, classic to Champion style, featuring a simple print of a … READ MORE


A Closer Look At The New Millennium Falcon

The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens still feels like it’s light years away (ha!) but lucky for us, we’re constantly being bombarded with updates and rumors to keep us warm until December 18 arrives. Today, we’re treated to a closer look at the the newly … READ MORE


Darth Vader by Square-Enix Variant Play Arts Kai

Fans of the Star Wars series are having quite a year. With all the news surrounding The Force Awakens, not to mention all the sneakers, hats and toys, there’s a lot to be happy about. Adding to that already impressive list of goodies is the awesome Darth … READ MORE