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OriginalFake – KAWS Boba Fett Vinyl Figure

Cue up John Williams’ Star Wars theme as http://original-fake.com” target=”_blank”>OriginalFake unveiled its next vinyl figure, the http://kawsone.com” target=”_blank”>KAWS Boba Fett. In similar likeness to infamous galactic bounty hunter with the additions of “X-ed” eyes and skull head like those on KAWS’ Companion figures, the special edition will … READ MORE


Star Wars Inspired Ice Cube Trays

Need to add a bit of a spark to your bourbon or even your Kool-Aid? Try some of these Star Wars-inspired Ice Cube Trays featured on Think Geek. Including a Death Star, X-Wing, Darth Vader’s helmet, a Carbonite Han Solo, and the Millennium Falcon, these food-safe silicone … READ MORE


“Star Wars: The Ultimate Action Figure Collection” Book By Stephen J Sansweet

The story of http://starwars.com”>Star Wars continues to spread thanks to loyal fans such as http://ranchoobiwan.org/steve.php”>Stephen J. Sansweet. A passionate fan turned his hobby into a second career by setting up his non-profit corporation, http://ranchoobiwan.org”>Rancho Obi-Wan. It is the single largest collection of Star Wars memorabilia, displayed within … READ MORE


Wes Anderson’s “Star Wars: Episode VII” Audition Tape | Video

Now that we’ve learned http://freshnessmag.com/2012/10/30/star-wars-episode-7-announced-as-disney-acquire-lucasfilm/” target=”_blank”>Star Wars: Episode VII is in development, the big question around Hollywood is, Who will direct the blockbuster film? http://teamcoco.com/” target=”_blank”>Conan O’Brien recently gave us a bit of insight into the conundrum, going so far as to reveal an audition tape from … READ MORE


Harrison Ford Might Return As Han Solo In Star Wars Episode VII | Rumor

It’s been less than a week since http://freshnessmag.com/2012/10/30/star-wars-episode-7-announced-as-disney-acquire-lucasfilm/” target=”_blank”>George Lucas announced the sale of Lucasfilm to Walt Disney Co. and already, there is a flush of excitement among http://starwars.com” target=”_blank”>Star Wars fans. The news is particularly welcoming since it also marks the start of a new Star … READ MORE


Star Wars: Episode 7 Announced as Disney Acquires Lucasfilm

Stunning news coming out of California today will have some diehard http://starwars.com/” target=”_blank”>Star Wars fanatics thinking George Lucas has capitulated to the Dark Side: the http://thewaltdisneycompany.com/” target=”_blank”>Walt Disney Company has acquired http://lucasfilm.com/” target=”_blank”>Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion, giving the entertainment giant control of the Star Wars franchise. Additionally, … READ MORE


ADDICT x Star Wars – Mainline Series

http://lucasfilm.com”>George Lucas probably did not expect the popularity of http://starwars.com”>Star Wars to last this long, still going strong after 35 years since the first film was released. http://addict.co.uk”>ADDICT continues their high profile collaboration series with Star Wars, this time without getting outside help from graphic artists. This … READ MORE


ADDICT x Star Wars – Vector Series

Although the heroes of the http://starwars.com “>Star Wars series have a loyal following, its villains have just as many fans, perhaps influenced by the power of the Dark Side. English vector illustrator http://shogungraphicsystems.co.uk/”>Shogun tapped into the Dark Side to pull off these Vector Series t-shirts for the … READ MORE


Angry Birds Star Wars – November 8th, 2012 | Confirmed

Ahead of this afternoon’s Columbus Day Parade in New York City, representatives from game maker http://rovio.com/” target=”_blank”>ROVIO and http://lucasfilm.com” target=”_blank”>LUCASfilm arrived at http://toysrus.com” target=”_blank”>Toys”R”Us Times Square flagship store to announced http://youtube.com/watch?v=lyB6G4Cz9fI&hd=1″ target=”_blank”>Angry Birds Star Wars, the next iteration to the popular video game franchise. Already beloved by … READ MORE


Star Wars x Angry Birds | Teaser

The Red Planet just wasn’t enough… After its conquest of the Martian surface with http://space.angrybirds.com/launch” target=”_blank”>Angry Birds Space, our moody avian friends are going into deep space this weekend. The scenario, however, will not be just another battle against their typical ravenous opponents, the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/09/27/bad-piggies-next-chapter-in-the-angry-birds-saga-available-now/” target=”_blank”>green pigs. … READ MORE


Star Wars x Dr. Seuss Mash-Up Poster Series | By Jason Peltz

“The Force Is The Force. Of Course. Of Course” definitely sounds like a poetic chant from a children’s book by Dr. Seuss–except the author is one by the name of…Yoda. Meet the http://starwars.com/”>Star Wars x http://seussville.com/”>Dr. Seuss Mash-Up Poster Series, where the Star Wars opening crawl of … READ MORE