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NORT x Diet Pepsi – Premium Good Bottle by STASH

Here’s a closer look of the NORT Premium Good Bottle designed by Stash and his lead designer Jared Liner. > Peep our event photos from last night as well. Also take a moment to bid on the signed bottle. > NORT/Recon > diet Pepsi Premium Good Peep … READ MORE


Nike Air Force 1 High Stash One Night Only

I promise, I’ll stop stalking HF after this post. Invited guests to the One Night Only Air Force 1 party in NYC were asked to vote for their favorite Air Force 1 from the 25 years and nearly 1000 pairs. Not surprisingly, the Stash nozzle head Air … READ MORE

Nike x Kobe x Stash/NORT – Charity Auction Round 2

If you missed your chance to purchase ’24’ Premium Pack from Kobe Bryant and Stash/NORT a few months back, or because eBay pulled the first auction.� Here is your second chance to be the owner of one. With only 24 packs released in Asia and 24 more … READ MORE


Nike x Kobe x Stash/NORT – Charity Auction

Extremely limited Kobe Bryant and Stash/NORT Nike ZK1. Signed by Kobe Bryant. Only 24 sold in the US and 24 in Asia. The only pair signed by Kobe Bryant in the US. Auction includes the entire Kobe x Stash/NORT “24 Pack”: 1 pair of signed ZK1 size … READ MORE

Stash x Slick – Limited Edition Tee

West meets East as Slick and Stash have come up with this collaboration with their respective companies, DISSIZIT and RECON. This limited tee will be out mid November. > DISSIZIT x RECON [Mr. Kim Says] > Recon/NORT > A Dope Distribution

Soleciety (CLOT) x Stash (Recon) – T-Shirt

On Wednesday, October 4th, Soleciety will be releasing a limited edition tee designed by Stash. They will be limited to 300 pieces, so if you are in Shanghai area, go check out the exhibition and grab one of these dope pocket tees made by CLOT and Stash … READ MORE

Nike x Stash/NORT – Kobe ’24’ @ JUICE

Nike presents the Kobe �24� Premium Pack, a collaboration between Kobe and Stash/NORT. Here are some photos of the invite only launch party held last week at JUICE. Thanks to our contributor MASTERMIND for photos. > Nike Kobe ’24’ Premium Pack > Freshness Gallery: Kobe ’24’ Premium … READ MORE

Nike x Stash/NORT – Kobe ’24’ Premium Pack

Nike presents the Kobe �24� Premium Pack, a collaboration between Kobe and Stash/NORT in celebration of the love and passion for basketball and the culture that surrounds the game. The Pack is the first collaboration between basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and the Street label – NORT. The … READ MORE

Nike x Kobe x Stash/NORT – Air Zoom Kobe 1

Via: our friends at kookies.net and Edison Chen’s blog on Honeyee.com, have updated us these first glimpses of the new, Stash designed Air Zoom Kobe 1. There isn’t much info, and kookies reported that they will have additional info soon. There is a number “24”, and a … READ MORE


Recently, the Japan branch of COLEMAN, America’s leading outdoor brand, announced a collaboration with MEDICOM TOYs. 11 types of product from COLEMAN Japan will be made with MEDICOM TOY’s FABRICK materials. Another interesting aspect, the FABRICK pattern used is none other than STASH’s Spray Can Tips design. … READ MORE


Friends over at RECON/NORT informed us that the Nike x STASH SB P-Rod will be release this Saturday, June 24th. This will be the last of the artist series for the P-Rod. So all of you who have been waiting, head down to RECON/NORT in New York. … READ MORE