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Stephen Colbert will replace David Letterman as host of CBS Late Show

Immediately after David Letterman, the longtime host of http://cbs.com/shows/late_show/” target=”_blank”>CBS Late Show, announced his retirement last week, industry insiders had either comedian http://chelseahandler.com” target=”_blank”>Chelsea Handler or http://cbs.com/shows/late_late_show” target=”_blank”>Craig Ferguson as Letterman’s possible replacements. However, at noon today, http://cbs.com” target=”_blank”>CBS put a stop to the rumor mill by … READ MORE


Evan Wondolowski – Portraits Made with Shredded US Notes

Art comes in many forms, with several artists using money as a medium to express their thoughts. http://theartofe.com”>Evan Wondolowski has shredded US currency to compile these ultra realistic portraits of famous faces, consisting of Notorious B.I.G., Benjamin Franklin, and http://colbertnation.com”>Stephen Colbert. All of the subjects have attributed … READ MORE


Shepard Fairey x Stephen Colbert – 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Poster

Apparently the American representative with the strongest agenda to “DEFEAT THE WORLD” is hilarious right-wing ballsy pundit, http://colbertnation.com/home”>Stephen Colbert. In Colbert’s quest to both support the American speed skating team and his personal quest for Olympic glory, the irreverent host had enlisted the help of http://obeygiant.com”>Shepard Fairey … READ MORE