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Stephen Powers – “Visual Blues” Exhibition | Brussels

Widely recognized as Espo, Brooklyn’s own Steve Powers kicks off a new solo exhibition today, May 16th, entitled “Visual Blues” at the Alice Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. Featuring a mixture of both his impromptu pieces – which he calls “Daily Metaltations” – that just surface as he … READ MORE


Steve Powers – ESPO’s Creative Outlet

Graffiti writer turned artist and now a sign writer as well, Steve Powers a.k.a ESPO, is the proud owner of the newly opened ESPO’s Creative Outlet in New York City. The dual-purpose space serves as the workshop for Icy Signs early in the week, only to transform … READ MORE


adidas Originals: all in for Brooklyn – KITH Launch Party | Event Recap

For a moment, it looked like a scene from a DJ battle championship. At one corner, Mick Boogie prepared his gear for the podium, and while on stage, DJ Neil Armstrong and DJ Clark Kent crisscrossed each other’s turntables in search of the right tune. Such fervor … READ MORE