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Stussy Deluxe x New York Hat Co. – Fedora & Driving Cap

Now run by the third generation of the Ackerman family, there is a deep sense of millinery tradition at the New York Hat Co., With a treasure trove of archive for inspiration, the company recently partnered with Stussy in designing a range of headwear for the Stussy … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe x BLK PINE WORKSHOP – Spring/Summer 2012

Already with a reputation of premium workmanship and utmost quality, workers at BLK PINE WORKSHOP have been quietly toiling away in their Seattle-base studio since 2009, churning out accessories with various vintage inspirations. After partnerships and collaborations with the likes of Opening Ceremony and American Rag Cie … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens Hambleton II – Spring/Summer 2012

Following two succession of collaborative projects, Stussy Deluxe announced its newest design with venerable footwear maker Dr. Martens. Updated for Spring/Summer 2012, the Stussy Deluxe x Dr. Martens Hambleton II carries over many similarities found on the original Hambleton. Simple in looks, the high quality suede and … READ MORE

stussy deluxe x master-piece - bag collection - 0

Stussy Deluxe x Master-Piece (MSPC) – Spring 2012 Bag Collection

Stussy‘s premium line, Stussy Deluxe, teams up with Japanese bag designer Master-Piece (MSPC) for another year’s worth of must-have gear. Each of the three pieces, which consist of a large and small backpack and a shoulder bag, are made in Japan using 100% nylon with leather in … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe – Spring 2012 Collection Lookbook | With Alex Turnbull

Stussy Deluxe presents its Spring 2012 lookbook, featuring original Stussy International Tribe member Alex “Baby” Turnbull. The Londoner is a musician, DJ, ex-British skateboarding champion and martial arts expert, who was introduced to Shawn Stussy and the tribe back in the day by former creative director Paul … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe Spring 2012 Collection Lookbook | By Jim Mangan

The way natural lighting disperses throughout the image and the ease of each subject’s movement within frame, photographer Jim Mangan effortlessly takes his audience back to a simpler time in the latest lookbook for Stussy Deluxe. Perhaps its because his upbringing in Illinois, a location not far … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection | Preview

Stussy Deluxe will be dropping its initial delivery from their Spring/Summer 2012 collection this weekend. Luckily for many of us, the releases are made predominantly of outerwear and tops, which will help us shield from the cold weather. The current season draws inspiration from classic west coast … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe x ETTINGER

Stussy Deluxe, the elevated line of the pioneering streetwear label, has partnered with London-based leather goods specialist Ettinger on a classic billfold. Ettinger is a family owned business manufacturing premium quality wallets since the 1930s, earning a Royal Warrant by the British Royal Family, which distinguishes tradespersons as … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe x CONVERSE CX-PRO | Available Now

At last, the Stussy Deluxe x CONVERSE CX-PRO is available at Stussy online shop on ZOZOTOWN. However, the sneakers are moving out fast, so make sure you act quick if you don’t want to miss out. It will be a tough choice to decide between the white … READ MORE