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Stussy x Heel Bruise - Under The Radar Japan Tour Video 01

Stussy x Heel Bruise – “Under The Radar” Japan Tour | Video

The Heel Bruise “Under The Radar” Japan Tour marks a huge milestone for the founders, Richard Mulder and Nick Joseph; together, with support from Stussy, they have taken their photo exhibition series to Japan. Rather than hold an exhibition in Japan’s capital, Tokyo, they embarked on a … READ MORE


Stussy – Hiking Rat T-Shirt

Ralph Lauren has the sartorially inclined teddy bear. Staple has the pigeon in a fighting stance. Now, there is Stussy and its Hiking Rat caricature. Dressed for occasion from head to paws in what else but Stussy gear, from puffer vest, bucket hat, to plaid shirt and … READ MORE


Stussy – Gore-Tex M-65 Field Jacket

The M-65 jacket was first issued by the U.S. military in 1965 (hence the name), and in subsequent years the garment eventually graduated to a surplus store essential. Now, it’s been co-opted by fashion designers as a necessity in the modern man’s wardrobe. The shift is understandable, … READ MORE

Stussy Japan - Fall 2013 Collection Lookbook 00

Stussy Japan – Fall 2013 Collection Lookbook

Lookbooks are becoming increasingly popular for displaying the various styles that can be achieved by a certain collection or season. Even though we already reported on the Fall 2013 Collection Lookbook by Stussy over here, this is another look at the styling ideas from Stussy Japan. Although, … READ MORE


Holden x Stussy – Fall/Winter 2013 Collaboration Collection Lookbook | Video

Straight out of the snowboard country surrounding Portland, Oregon, Holden (or Holden Outerwear) is the creation of Mikey LeBlanc and Scott Zergebel, two avid outdoorsmen who happen to be both snowboarders and designers. Not able to find snowboarding gears with progressive designs and eco-friendly fabric at the … READ MORE


Stussy x mastermind JAPAN – Capsule Collection

In this third installment from the collaboration project between Stussy and mastermind JAPAN, they are offering a wide variety of products, from apparel to sunglasses, housewares and jewelry. However, there is no doubt that its key pieces are the jackets and sweatshirts, in preparation for the Fall … READ MORE


Stussy – “Souvenir From Tokyo Chapter” T-Shirts

Finding a good souvenir can be a hard task, depending on the creativity of each city. Tokyo has abundance of souvenirs ranging from cool modern items to traditional Japanese products. Stussy Japan prepared some souvenirs that are somewhere in between traditional and modern titled, Souvenir From Tokyo … READ MORE


Stussy – Tie Dye Pack

Tie-dye is back with a vengeance this summer, or perhaps it never left for some of us, but whatever the case, plenty of brands have recently been producing these items. Stussy designed their fair share of tie-dye goods, and here are the latest t-shirts from Stussy Japan. … READ MORE


Stussy Deluxe x CONVERSE CX-Pro Ox – Summer 2013

For the third straight year, Stussy Deluxe and CONVERSE will be issuing a pair of collaborative CX-Pro low (also known as “Oxford”) in ushering the warmer summer months. Similar to last year’s edition, the Stussy Deluxe x CONVERSE CX-Pro OX for Summer 2013 will be offering two … READ MORE


Stussy – Lance Mountain “Never Grow Up” Exhibition Interview | Video

If you saw last year’s Bones Brigade documentary, you’ll know that team rider Lance Mountain was far from the most talented member of the crew, but he was undeniably its heart and soul. His spirit is nicely captured in the title for his solo exhibition, “Never Grow … READ MORE


Lance Mountain x Stussy Shinjuku 15th Anniversary Art Exhibition | Tokyo

Stussy Shinjuku is gearing up for a celebration commemorating 15 years in business. In order to celebrate their anniversary, they have invited legendary skateboarder and artist Lance Mountain for a solo art exhibition entitled, Never Grow Up. A broad range of works should be on display, giving … READ MORE