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Hoodie Black

SWAGGER x Stussy – New Harajuku Store Opening Collection

In case you haven’t notice, SWAGGER have relocated their Harajuku Flagship store one street over. Now the store is even closer to the main through way of Harajuku, ┬áthe Meiji Avenue. To mark its officially opening this coming Saturday, December 18th, SWAGGER have teamed up with Stussy … READ MORE


SWAGGER x Levi’s – 5WA99er-505

It’s been a pretty solid Fall for SWAGGER, especially in terms of collaborations with more established heritage brands (such as Alpha Industries, with an MA-1 and an M-51 jacket). Don’t expect the Japanese label to give up it’s Asian Hip Hop roots but, but it’s interesting to … READ MORE

Dot Camo

SWAGGER – Dot Camo Series

SWAGGER have reinvented various staple designs and materials in the past and this season they have tackled the standard woodland camouflage pattern to create a new design. Sprinkling white polka dots systematically over the woodland camouflage turns the military pattern into a modern Dot Camo textile. This … READ MORE

Emblem Tee vol.3 Black

SWAGGER – November 2010 | New Releases

SWAGGER is a brand that have evolved over the years and the current collection is the most consistent range that expands on the collection concept. The British theme of this collection is reflected well and the latest release includes t-shirts, hoodie, jacket, knit caps, scarves, jeans and … READ MORE

Nagoya 4th Anniversary Jacket

SWAGGER – Nagoya Flagship Store 4th Anniversary Jacket

SWAGGER has nine flagship stores across Japan and its Nagoya flagship store located in West Japan is celebrating fourth year in business. A special colorway of the cotton flight jacket will be dropped this weekend, exclusively at the Nagoya store. It is a simple flight jacket silhouette … READ MORE

Dot Camo Army Oiled Jacket

SWAGGER – Dot Camo Army Oiled Jacket

The original textile that was developed by SWAGGER for the current season is this Dot Camo pattern, and it features a conventional British camouflage pattern that is printed with small white polka dots over them. As far as the jacket itself, it is treated for water resistance … READ MORE

Training Boston Bag Black

SWAGGER – Training Boston Bag

SWAGGER has dropped its latest product, a well executed interpretation of an orthodox Boston bag. First, the premium sheep skin material is soft and smooth to touch, and it would stay that way for many years to come. Second, the three colorways produced are classy yet contemporary … READ MORE

M-51 Jacket

Alpha Industries x SWAGGER – M-51 Jacket

The military jacket model, M-51 is also known for its nickname, Mods coat, since members of the Mods movement favored the M-51 jacket and it was almost an unofficial uniform of the movement. The M-51′s long and loose silhouette was designed by the US army, and the … READ MORE

MA-1 Black

SWAGGER x Alpha Industries – MA-1 Jacket

These custom made MA-1 jackets from SWAGGER is an elaborate piece that is based on real military spec MA-1 jacket design from Alpha Industries from Tennessee. Two orthodox military colorways, black and khaki, are produced along side an unusual white version. The focal point of the jacket … READ MORE