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SWG Black Platinum – Fall/Winter 2013 Collection | Preview

Here is a sneak preview of the Fall/Winter 2013 Collection from SWG Black Platinum. During the 60s and 70s, white British musicians began to produce their own rendition of Blues Rock music. Often referred to as Blue Eyed Soul, this movement influenced hip-hop culture later on in … READ MORE


SWG Black Platinum – Spring/Summer 2013 Collection Lookbook

Amidst rumors of filing for bankruptcy and closing down the company that operate the SWAGGER brand, good news has come out of the negative situation. The Tokyo-based brand will reshuffle its organization and will keep producing SWAGGER and its sub-line, SWG Black Platinum label. With a fresh … READ MORE


SWG Black Platinum – Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Over the years, the SWAGGER brand has evolved from being purely streetwear brand into a hybrid menswear brand. As SWAGGER grew as a brand, founder and designer Hidehiro ‘IGGY’ Iguchi started to explore different avenues, thus conceptualizing SWG Black Platinum label. In essence, it is the bigger … READ MORE