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“75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen” Book | By TASCHEN

Though it doesn’t come with its own book stand, like the Sumo-sized Annie Leibovitz limited edition, the 75 Years of Marvel Comics by publisher TASCHEN is still a hefty and voluminous printed matter. Measuring at 11.4-inch by 15.6-inch with 712 pages, it features some 2,000 original arts … READ MORE

Ai WeiWei Book By Taschen 01

Ai WeiWei Book | By TASCHEN

Perhaps one of the most provocative Chinese artists of our generation, Ai Weiwei, fears nobody when making his statements, not even his own government. His art is a social commentary derived from his love of China, and his art sometimes point to unlikely places to make his … READ MORE


“Hugh Hefner’s Playboy” Illustrated Autobiography Book Set

Playboy is a monumental publication as the original men’s magazine, and its creator, Hugh Hefner, is a living legend who propelled into stardom in early ’50s. Hugh Hefner’s Playboy marks an important chapter in the world famous magazine, giving insight into the life of Hefner and the … READ MORE


Logobook by Ludovic Houplain

Born out of the 2009 Academy Award-winning animated short “Logorama,” Logobook is a massive tome authored by the film’s co-director, Ludovic Houplain, compiling 7,000 logos from past and present. The logos are selected from a database of over 40,000 specimens, collected by Houplain as part of an … READ MORE


Linda McCartney – “Life in Photographs” Digital Book

Linda McCartney was an accomplished photographer who tirelessly captured many moments with her camera. From candid photos of her family to touring days with The Beatles and Wings, she has amassed a volume of work that is precious to her family and fans. TASCHEN had the opportunity … READ MORE


“The Golden Age of DC Comics” Book | By TASCHEN

Before the blockbuster movies, superheroes would arouse the imagination of children in a form of humble comic books. TASCHEN is taking us back, way back in time, to the beginning of what we currently know as DC Comics in their brand new book, The Golden Age of … READ MORE


“Rei Kawakubo: COMME des GARçONS” + “Yohji Yamamoto” Book | By TASCHEN

Following the successful release of retrospective on Marc Newson, which we previewed yesterday, TASCHEN now turns their focus on promoting their books on fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and artist Rei Kawakubo. For decades, Yamamoto’s work has been interpreted beyond just its aesthetics, his works are deeply intellectual … READ MORE


“Marc Newson: Works” by TASCHEN – New York Book Launch | Event Recap

Celebrating the launch of their 600-page tome, TASCHEN store in New York City hosted a Book Launch for “Marc Newson: Works.” this past weekend, Saturday November 10, after being rescheduled due to Superstorm Sandy. We previewed the contents of the book earlier this year, which showcases everything … READ MORE


“Greatest Of All Time: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali” Book | By TASCHEN

To be the greatest in the world, one must overcome handful of difficulties and have the never ceasing desire to be at the top of the game. Not only is Muhammad Ali known as the Greatest Of All Time in boxing, Ali has made an impact as … READ MORE


“Marc Newson. Works” Book | By TASCHEN

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to the works of the world-renowned industrial designer Marc Newson, TASCHEN has a 600-page tome signed by the man himself with your name on it. Hailing from Australia, Newsome has designed everything from chairs, restaurants, stores, and cars to planes and even a … READ MORE


“Tresspass: A History of Uncommissioned Urban Art” Book | By TASCHEN

Street art have achieved much more than just vandalism on private or public property. Around the world many artists strives to send a message to the masses, make people smile or question and provide opinions on social, political or life issues. Latest from Taschen is the Trespass: … READ MORE