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Tate Modern – Damien Hirst: For The Love of God | Video

The new Retrospective Exhibition of Damien Hirst just opened its doors yesterday at Tate Modern in London. One of the iconic pieces from Hirst, if not the whole contemporary world, is the platinum dipped and diamond encrusted skull, For The Love of God, which was produced in 2007. It … READ MORE


Tate Modern – Damien Hirst: Retrospective Exhibition | London

Here’s Damien Hirst on the topic of the Tate Modern: “No way. Museums are for dead artists. I’d never show my work in the Tate. You’d never get me in that place.” This is the same Damien Hirst who’d asserted in 2008 that he was done with … READ MORE

Tate Modern – Ai Weiwei 100 Million Porcelain Sunflower Seeds Exhibtion Shuts Down

To Ai Weiwei’s 100 million porcelain sunflower seeds, we hardly knew you… Just a few days after it opened, officials at London’s Tate Modern made the difficult to close the vast installation by Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei. The work, simply titled “Sunflower Seeds“, encompassed 100 million … READ MORE


Ai Weiwei – Sunflower Seeds | 100 Million Porcelain Sunflower Seeds Flood Tate Modern

The immensity and scale is unfathomable unless you’re there in person. Titled “Sunflower Seeds”, the latest work from famed Chinese conceptual artist Ai Weiwei, it features more than 100 million replicas of, as the title described, sunflower seeds made from porcelain. As part of the Unilever Series … READ MORE


Tate Modern – Pop Life: Art In A Material World | Video

Keith Haring’s Pop Shop, Jeff Koon’s earlier and pornographic Made In Heaven, Takashi Murakami’s Akihabara Majokko Princess all have one thing in common – that you can only see them at Pop Life: Art In A Material World exhibition. Organized originally by London’s Tate Modern and co-curated READ MORE


Takashi Murakami x McG x Kirsten Dunst – Akihabara Majokko Princess | Video

Under Takashi Murakami’s whimsically magical production and McG’s (McG is the man behind Terminator Salvation and Charlie’s Angels) direction, Hollywood Starlet Kirsten Dunst is transformed into a anime-inspired Aikihabara Majokko Princess in fluffy candy colored tutu, a bright yellow sailor top, baby blue gingham… READ MORE

K-Swiss – “You Gotta Know Your Classics” Limited Edition Posters

Classics will remain relevant because they are classics. However, a revival of the iconic does not always have to come in collaborations or revamps. Sometimes, a fresh perspective will do just the trick without putting risky changes to the beloved. California heritage sports label, K-Swiss does just … READ MORE


Takashi Murakami – “Kanye West Bear” | Pop Life Exhibit

In Room 17 of the Pop Life: Art In A Material World exhibition currently held at London’s Tate Modern, Takashi Murakami has set up shop with his exhibition titled Collaboration Addiction. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese popular culture especially that of anime and otaku lifestyle, the exhibition … READ MORE


Tate Modern – Pop Life Exhibition – Akihabara Majokko Princess Featuring Takashi Murakami | Kirsten Dunst | McG

Pop Life: Art In A Material World called on some of contemporary art’s most prominent names such as Damien Hirst and Takashi Murakami to partake in this collective exhibition that explores art that had successfully infiltrated the market place and became part of the system. Other than … READ MORE


Tate Modern – Pop Life: Art In A Material World

In the legendary Mr. Andy Warhol’s own words, ” Good business is the best art”. Whether you beg to differ or nod with feverish agreement, the legacy of pop art has created many artists who became icons and their art evolved into brands in their own right. … READ MORE