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Tesla Model S Coupe Concept | By Theophilus Chin

He labeled himself as an “automotive manipulator”, but in many ways, Theophilus Chin is more like a sleight of hand artist instead. With just a few subtle nip-and-tuck on his Photoshop, the Singapore-base artist was able to transform the Tesla Model S Sedan into a Tesla Model … READ MORE


Tesla Model S 17″ Touchscreen Display

Tesla isn’t concerned with the bigger horsepower numbers, torque specs, and price tags of their main competitors because they have something much larger than anyone else in their class: a 17-inch Touchscreen Display. You may have overlooked this innovative console within our detailed preview of the new … READ MORE


Tesla Model X

Ever the contrarian, billionaire Elon Musk decided to debut the new Tesla model at the company’s design center in California last night, instead of the ongoing car show in Chicago. A rather obtuse gesture to the rest of car industry, yet its the same “outside the box” … READ MORE

Tesla – 2012: The Year of Model S | Video

In a bold declaration, Tesla‘s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen, along with George Blankenship, VP of Sales and Ownership Experience, stated the company wasn’t out just to make a great electric vehicle. Instead, it was making the best performance sedan out in the market today, period. What … READ MORE


Tesla Model S | “Practical All-Electric Sedan”

An industry outsider with a somewhat combative personality, many were doubtful PayPal co-founder Elon Musk would succeed with his all-electric automotive venture, Tesla Motors. Fought against with controversies, litigation, and financial maladies during the company’s early years, Musk, nevertheless, proved Tesla Motors to be more than just … READ MORE