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Tesla Model S Coupe Concept | By Theophilus Chin

He labeled himself as an “automotive manipulator”, but in many ways, http://theophiluschin.com/” target=”_blank”>Theophilus Chin is more like a sleight of hand artist instead. With just a few subtle nip-and-tuck on his Photoshop, the Singapore-base artist was able to transform the http://teslamotors.com/” target=”_blank”>Tesla Model S Sedan into a … READ MORE


Tesla Model S 17″ Touchscreen Display

http://teslamotors.com/” target=”_blank”>Tesla isn’t concerned with the bigger horsepower numbers, torque specs, and price tags of their main competitors because they have something much larger than anyone else in their class: a 17-inch Touchscreen Display. You may have overlooked this innovative console within our http://freshnessmag.com/2011/12/26/tesla-model-s-practical-all-electric-sedan/” target=”_blank”>detailed preview of … READ MORE


Tesla Model X

Ever the contrarian, billionaire Elon Musk decided to debut the new http://teslamotors.com” target=”_blank”>Tesla model at the company’s design center in California last night, instead of the ongoing car show in Chicago. A rather obtuse gesture to the rest of car industry, yet its the same “outside the … READ MORE

Tesla – 2012: The Year of Model S | Video

In a bold declaration, http://teslamotors.com/” target=”_blank”>Tesla’s Chief Designer Franz von Holzhausen, along with George Blankenship, VP of Sales and Ownership Experience, stated the company wasn’t out just to make a great electric vehicle. Instead, it was making the best performance sedan out in the market today, period. … READ MORE


Tesla Model S | “Practical All-Electric Sedan”

An industry outsider with a somewhat combative personality, many were doubtful http://paypal.com/”>PayPal co-founder Elon Musk would succeed with his all-electric automotive venture, http://teslamotors.com/”>Tesla Motors. Fought against with controversies, litigation, and financial maladies during the company’s early years, Musk, nevertheless, proved Tesla Motors to be more than just … READ MORE