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ADDICT x The London Police – Artist Series T-Shirts

English streetwear brand, ADDICT, first collaborated with fellow British street artist duo, The London Police, back in 2005. After a long hiatus, the two parties went back to the drawing board, producing two new designs for their Artist Series line. The ever-so-jolly Lads characters are illustrated on … READ MORE


The London Police By Very Nearly Almost | Video

British street art magazine VNA traveled to Amsterdam to pay a visit to Chaz and Bob, the duo who make up the art collective The London Police. The guys discuss moving to Amsterdam in the late ’90s, a time and place that was terrific for young, aspiring … READ MORE


OVER THE UNDER – Manhole Cover Art Exhabition

We walked on them, drove over them, even complained about them as hazards. But the stark reality is that without the lowly manhole covers, our city streets would be impassible, the utilities which run the city would laid bare to the elements. To shed some light on … READ MORE