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New York Times – The Sneaker Comes of Age

It’s fair to say we’ve been obsessed with kicks for as long as we’ve existed online, charting the rise of the sneaker as a fetish object to be collected, to its current position as fashion runway mainstay and accepted fixture within today’s workplace. But when the Grey Lady weighs in, you know … READ MORE


The New York Times – The Story of Supreme

Yesterday amid all the Thanksgiving Day ads, political op-eds, and stock tickers stood an in-depth feature story in the New York Times on NYC’s own streetwear brand, Supreme. Titled “Guerrilla Fashion: The Story of Supreme,” the article introduces the reader to the fast-growing cult that is the … READ MORE

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The New York Times – “Thanks, Maurice’ by Geoff McFetridge and Others

The death of Maurice Sendak has sent ripples of sadness throughout the world — fellow authors and illustrators of all ages have equally felt the loss as much as the generations of children who grew up exploring his unique and complex worlds. As a continued tribute to … READ MORE


The New York Times – Catching The Waves In The Rockaways

Upon the news of growing surf culture in New York City, a friend, a Big Apple transplant now living in California asked whether it was just a fad. It isn’t actually. For a number of years, a core group of New York City surfers have trekked out … READ MORE

New York Times - Top 10 iPhone Apps 2

New York Times – Top 10 iPhone Apps

Courtesy of Bob Tedeschi, resident Smart Phone guru at the New York Times, is a list of the Top Ten iPhone Apps that are unique to smart phones -apps that make smart phones so uniquely useful. Tedeschi’s list includes only the best apps that provide services or … READ MORE


The New York Times Inside The Knockoff-Tennis-Shoe Factory

They go by many names copied, pirated, duplicated, counterfeit, and etc… But no matter the name and the definitions one placed upon them, one thing is for certain, they’re all fakes. Though the exact damages are unknown, since these are illegal ventures, a rough estimation place the … READ MORE

Photos by NY Times / Joshua Bright

The New York Times – B.N.E. Is Everywhere

Within each sub-culture, there is always an iconoclast, who without much self-promotion, would come to represent that particular niche. One exception remains, the enigma known as B.N.E… READ MORE


NY Times – David Byrne: Live On Two Wheels Video

One of the biggest changes in New York City, especially over the past 5 years, is the growth of the cycling community.   No longer segregated to parks on the weekend, New Yorkers are adopting this basic mode of transportation for daily commute. This change, thanks in … READ MORE

The New York Times – Dress for Less and Less

Amidst the a slow down in economy, sky high oil price and turmoil in the mortage plus housing sector. The New York Times conducted an interesting exercise for its Style section this past Thursday. To determine just how much consumers are spending on apparels and accessories over the last 10 years, it draw up a list of 31 name brand items, from a broad spectrum of price points. Everything from the iconic Calvin Klein briefs, Lacoste Polo shirt, Levi’s 501 denim, to Gold Toe socks and Louis Vuitton’s “Speedy” tote READ MORE

New York Times – “When the Runway Is Paved”

Reed Space / Photo: Joe Fornabaio If anything could said about 2006 is that street-wear became part of mainstream fashion culture this year. Best example is this: the number of articles appeared in the quintessential news source, the New York Times. About a dozen articles were written … READ MORE

New York Times / Rob Walker – New Era

Our friend Rob Walker published an insightful article about New Era and the collaboration game between it and jeweler Grabriel Urist in today’s New York Times Magazine section. In the article, another friend of ours, Jeff Staple (aka Jeff Ng), explained his involvement in the project. > … READ MORE