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The Selby x CONVERSE Jack Purcell

Most of us know the Chucks, and even more kick around in the Chucks; but, to bring the focus back the happiest shoe in CONVERSE (haven’t you seen Jack Purcell’s “smile”?), the heritage sports label has enlisted the help of The Selby to re-energize the classic Jack … READ MORE


The Selby Hotelier Sean MacPherson At Home In New York City

Where as hoterlier André Balazs unofficially received the baton from Ian Schrager to create edgy lounging gems that are tragically hip.   Sean MacPherson did it in a more laid back fashion. First came the restaurant juggernaut The Park, then Maritime Hotel, both of which are located … READ MORE


Todd Selby x CONVERSE Jack Purcell

Mr. Todd Selby of The Selby might have started off his trail of fame by photographing creative types in their most comfortable and natural environment such as their homes, studios and offices. Through the years since The Selby started in June 2008, Todd Selby had not only … READ MORE


GQ Radio – The Selby Drops By Our House!

There is a “rustic appeal” to the images created by Todd Selby. Yes, it is voyeuristic. However, there is a sense of warmth to each photo created by the photographer/blogger; an intimacy between the audience and the subject that is usually not found on the best portrait … READ MORE


The Selby – Cecilia Dean At The Visionaire Office In New York City

With the propagation of digital media and the addiction to real time information, how does printed media stay relevant in today’s environment?   Does the secret lay between fresh cut flowers and shelve full of art books?   At least it seems like so on appearance as … READ MORE

The Selby – Steve Powers AKA ESPO At His Studio In New York City

A staple in the New York graffiti scene, Steve Powers, better known as ESPO (Exterior Surface Painting Outreach) is the latest person to be photographed by The Selby who recently visited ESPO in his studio in New York City. Through this new feature we get an inside … READ MORE


The Selby – Mr. At His Home And Office Outside Of Tokyo

Mr. a protege to Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, recently opened his home and office to The Selby. The result is a look into one of the most intriguing and exciting Japanese artist’s sanctuaries. Mr. lives in a small studio outside of Tokyo, Japan where he has a … READ MORE


The Selby – The Selby Is In Your Place Book | Pre-order Now

Let’s face it, most hefty coffee table books, no matter how striking or stunning the graphics, spend more time closed on the coffee table as a decorative fixture than being perused by an actual person (no, make shift coaster doesn’t count). However, Todd Selby’s The Selby Is … READ MORE


Nike 6.0 X Todd Selby – Fall/Winter 2009 Campaign | Closer Look

Previously previewed on Freshness are some shot from Nike 6.0’s collaboration with Todd Selby (a.k.a The Selby) on their latest Fall/Winter 2009 Campaign. As we are now in the Fall/Winter 2009 season, here are some more detailed shots of Selby’s travels around the world, trekking from Tahiti … READ MORE


The Selby Sydney Book | By Todd Selby

The Sartorialist isn’t the only web photographer getting an offline project, getting an actual print book published. The Selby, who is known for photographing creative types in their natural habitat– their workspace or home, has just released a Sydney book based on his week long venture in … READ MORE


The Selby x Nike 6.0 – Fall/Holiday 2009 Campaign

Todd Selby is known for shooting interesting people inside their homes, giving everyone a curious peek inside spaces where creativity is harbored. For its upcoming Fall/Holiday 2009 campaign, Nike 6.0 enlisted the help of Selby to photograph Nike 6.0 athletes in their homes donning the latest looks. … READ MORE