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Risk – StarCraft Edition Board Game

Feeling the effects of cabin fever induced by Hurricane Sandy? Maybe this will alleviate some of the symptoms. Introducing Risk StarCraft Edition, where the popular board game meets the addictive video gaming title. Roll the dices and advance your galactic conquest as one of the StarCraft‘s three … READ MORE

thinkgeek - bolt action tactical pen - 0

ThinkGeek – Bolt Action Tactical Pen

ThinkGeek brings us a pen that finally lives up to the idea that the pen can be mightier than the sword with the new Bolt Action Tactical Pen. Featuring an actual bolt action slide that locks the tip securely in place like the ones found on rifles, this blacked-out … READ MORE


IRIS 9000 Voice Control Module for iPhone 4S

The IRIS 9000 by ThinkGeek isn’t the most necessary gadget one can purchase in this day and age, but we’re prepared to get one just because it’s named IRIS 9000 and looks like HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. As for what the IRIS 9000 actually does … READ MORE