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Jay-Z – TIME Magazine “100 Most Influential People in The World” For 2013

If there was any lingering doubt about http://lifeandtimes.com/” target=”_blank”>Jay-Z’s grasp beyond hip-hop and music, then look no further than your street corner newsstand for the latest http://time.com” target=”_blank”>TIME Magazine issue. On the cover of “http://time100.time.com/” target=”_blank”>100 Most Influential People in The World” for 2013 issue, Jay-Z shares … READ MORE


TIME Magazine 2012 Coolest Person Of The Year Lena Dunham, Actress & Filmmaker

If you think it was difficult to select http://freshnessmag.com/2012/12/19/time-2012-person-of-the-year-barack-obama/” target=”_blank”>President Barack Obama as TIME Magazine’s Person Of The Year for 2012, veteran journalist Joel Stein will let you know otherwise. While Stein mentioned the selection the http://poy.time.com/2012/12/19/the-hardest-choice-2012s-coolest-person-of-the-year/” target=”_blank”>Coolest Person Of The Year title will no longer be … READ MORE


TIME Magazine – 2012 Person Of The Year – President Barack Obama

http://time.com/” target=”_blank”>TIME‘s Person of the Year for 2012 is http://whitehouse.gov” target=”_blank”>President Barack Obama, four years after he first won the award as president-elect in 2008. Time Editor Richard Stengel listed the reasons for the selection in an essay: “For finding and forging a new majority, for turning … READ MORE


Best Inventions of 2012 | By TIME Magazine

http://time.com” target=”_blank”>TIME Magazine has covered more than their fair share of interesting aspects of contemporary life since their start in 1923, but the magazine’s http://techland.time.com” target=”_blank”>Tech Land has made their list of the top inventions they believe have made the biggest impact on us in 2012. Including … READ MORE


TIME Magazine Person Of The Year 2011 The Protester | Cover By Shepard Fairey

They are without a singular identity or a singular ideal. And yet they move in masses as if they were a conscious organism, ready to give voice to the silenced, remedy the unjust, and challenge the status quo. They are the protesters you’ve seen on your nightly … READ MORE


TIME Magazine Person Of The Year 2010 – Mark Zuckerberg Of Facebook

Is he the accidental billionaire that his public relation team wants you to think he is? Or is he the scheming trickster, who cunningly branded other people’s ideas as his own? Or as photographer http://martinschoeller.com” target=”_blank”>Martin Schoeller portrayed in his photoshoot, a socially awkward creature of some … READ MORE