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Nike FlyKnit Trainer+ – US Track & Field Trial Editions #First2Fly

Until recently, the details surrounding release dates for http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike’s Flyknit Trainer+ have been as sparse as this shoe is innovative. Representing both the natural evolution of Nike’s 40 years in the running footwear business and, in more recent years, cutting edge designs that include the Sock … READ MORE


Nike HTM Flyknit – Collection III

In honor of the start of the 2012 London Olympics, which is now just days away, http://nike.com/” target=”_blank”>Nike is set to release the third installment of the groundbreaking HTM Flyknit collection (HTM, of course, referring to the ongoing collaboration between http://fragment.jp/” target=”_blank”>fragment design founder Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nike … READ MORE


Nike Basketball 1992-2012 Air Flight Huarache (1992)

Continuing on with http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike’s retrospective on the “20 Designs that Changed the Game” from 1992 to 2012 that we began yesterday with the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/07/23/nike-basketball-1992-2012-air-force-180-low/” target=”_blank”>Air Force 180 Low, the second installment focuses in on the Air Flight Huarache. First introduced in 1992, the Huarache was designed … READ MORE


Brett Golliff: Tinker Hatfield on the Nike Air Safari

Designer http://brettgolliff.com/” target=”_blank”>Brett Golliff is a self-described “footwear nerd” who’s worked with http://nike.com/jumpman23/index.html” target=”_blank”>Jordan Brand, http://nike.com/” target=”_blank”>Nike and http://newbalance.com/” target=”_blank”>New Balance. His passion for sneakers has led him to create the “Form, Function & Philosophy Podcast,” in which Golliff sits down to discuss the development of sneaker … READ MORE


Air Jordan 6 Retro – “Olympic”

In the midst of all of the “Dream Team” releases ahead of http://olympic.org/london-2012-summer-olympics” target=”_blank”>London 2012 Summer Olympic, this was the most prized edition, the Air Jordan 6 Retro – “Olympic”. With its roots traced back in 1991, when http://jumpman23.com” target=”_blank”>Michael Jordan won his first http://nba.com/history/seasonreviews/1990-91/index.html” target=”_blank”>NBA Championship … READ MORE


Nike Air Safari Pack

The http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Air model has seen a lot of colors, patterns, and themes from every corner of the sneaker world, but nothing will ever be quite like Tinker Hatfield’s Air Safari. The sneaker’s design was inspired by a couch Hatfield saw in a New York furniture … READ MORE


Nike HTM Flyknit – Featuring Mark Parker & Hiroshi Fujiwara | Video

“Collectively, I’d say we are 5 to 10 years ahead of everyone else” – Hiroshi Fujiwara Design is actually just one of many unique attributes to the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/02/22/nike-fly-knit-a-closer-look/” target=”_blank”>Nike HTM Collection. Innovation is one part of that equation too. But the most significant element to the collection’s … READ MORE


Nike HTM Flyknit Collection II HTM Racer & HTM Trainer+

Working closely with Milan retailer http://10corsocomo.com” target=”_blank”>10 Corso Como, http://nike.com” target=”_blank”>Nike and http://nikesportswear.com” target=”_blank”>Nike Sportswear just launched the second installment to the popular http://freshnessmag.com/2012/02/21/nike-fly-knit-htm-release-info/” target=”_blank”>HTM Flyknit Collection. Dubber as Nike HTM Flyknit Collection II, this newest iteration features one pair of HTM Racer in Total Orange, a … READ MORE


Air Jordan 2012 Deluxe – Tinker Hatfield Original Design Edition | Release Info

Back when wingtips and fedora were the standard issue for every gentlemen, the Jazz Age of the 1930s was one of decadence juxtaposed with pre-WW2 innocence. In reliving that era, iconic footwear designer Tinker Hatfield created the original concept to the http://freshnessmag.com/2012/02/08/air-jordan-2012-launch-event/” target=”_blank”>Air Jordan 2012 Deluxe. Now, … READ MORE

Air Jordan 2012 Deluxe - Black-White - 0

Air Jordan 2012 Deluxe – Black/White

While the 1940’s weren’t known for opulence, it was a time when men in Harlem wore zoot suits and wingtips and jazz music filled the room. It wasn’t the best of times, but for moments it could certainly be defined as ‘deluxe.’ These are the feelings and … READ MORE


Nike 1948 London – Nike HTM Flyknit Collection Launch | Event Recap

London will soon play host to a much more widespread sports-centric frenzy once the Summer Games arrive there in a couple of months, but Nike has showed up early to give trainer fanatics a taste of a piece of footwear that you don’t have to be an … READ MORE