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BePositive Brogue Nappa

It might not be the first label to do so, but the Be Positive collection from Italy’s EMUdesign certainly helped to stir the recent direction of footwear design, the fusion between athletic funtionality and traditional form factors. Yes, its been done plenty of times during the last … READ MORE

M564 Red

New Balance M564 | Available Now

Fusing the slim silhouette of conventional running shoes and rugged outsoles of outdoor shoes, the M564 from New Balance is a hybrid model that updates the orthodox New Balance sneaker design. Synthetic and leather materials selected to create the unique uppers, it comes in a variety of … READ MORE

M5633 Shoes

Tokishirazu x Tricker’s – M5633 Crepe Sole Shoes

Tricker’s pride themselves of high quality of finish and the craftsmanship of the brand is nothing short of extraordinary. Japanese select store Tokishirazu have taken the M5633 model from the Tricker’s Country Collection and replaced the traditional Goodyear welt soles to casual crepe soles in colors that … READ MORE

new balance nexusvii summary

NEXUSVII x New Balance CM1700

The New Balance collaboration family has grown in recent seasons; it now includes big-business fashion retailers (think J. Crew), and a much more elite partner: NEXUSVII. After working on a CM998 released last August, New Balance and NEXUSVII are now releasing a co-designed CM1700. The CM1700 is … READ MORE


NEXUSVII x Tokishirazu – TSZ Denim Collection

Tokishirazu is a select store in Tokyo that carries various casual wear brands and one of the brands that grace their shelves is the NEXUSVII brand. The TSZ denim collection is a collaboration that puts improvements on the already fantastic denims by NEXUSVII. TSZ*1 is a straight … READ MORE

Maruwakaya iPhone Case

Tokishirazu x Maruwakaya – Apple iPhone Case

It is a beautiful thing when tradition meets modern technology. The iPhone is no doubt one of the forerunners of the latest gadgets and the multitudes of apps allow for absolute freedom and customization by its owner. On the outside, the owner is free to express his … READ MORE


Tokishirazu x GOODENOUGH – Mods Coat

Tokyo’s select shop Tokishirazu is working with GOODENOUGH to bring back the stand out pieces from the early 90’s in retro versions. One of the pieces that have launched is this Mods Coat retro that originally was released in 1996. Taking the vintage M-51 as a base, … READ MORE