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Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept

Debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Subaru Advanced Tourer Concept is described by the automaker as a “new-generation sports wagon,” and it certainly looks like no other wagon Subaru has ever produced. Aggressive, sleek lines are complemented by Lamborghini-style front doors and rear suicide doors. An … READ MORE


Nissan Juke Nismo Concept | Video

It turns out the classification bending Nissan Juke will get a make-over this week at Tokyo Motor Show 2011. Conceived by Nissan‘s performance parts division Nismo, the Nissan Juke Nismo Concept realized many design cues from one-of-one Juke-R test vehicle. Furnished with an entire aero kit front, … READ MORE


Toyota GT 86 – Officially Unveiled | Video

The theme of this year’s Tokyo Motor Show might be a futuristic one. But for auto giant Toyota, it will be a revisit to its past in the form of GT 86. Originally known as the FT-86 Concept, Toyota officially announced the induction of GT 86, the … READ MORE


Honda RC-E – Electric Superbike Concept | “Fast, Quiet, and Green”

After the recent onslaught of criticism over its unimaginative designs, Honda aims to bounce back at next month’s Tokyo Motor Show. In a publicity blitz, the company will unveil seven new concepts for its expansive product range, including this, the Honda RC-E, for its motorcycles division. Already … READ MORE