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Supra – “Tom Penny at The Embassy” | Video

Regardless of their status in the industry, DC Embassy welcomes their friends to skate their private facility in Barcelona. Latest professional skateboarder to destroy the skate park is British powerhouse, Tom Penny. The technical rider is sponsored by Supra, and he makes good use of the pyramids … READ MORE


VANS Half Cab 20th Anniversary Edition “Steve Cab” | August 2012

In addition to his unrivaled skills on the skateboard, skate legend Steve Caballero is also an accomplished punk rocker and an illustrator as well. As a way to divulge these little known talents of Caballero, VANS decided to do what it knows best and add Caballero as … READ MORE


Supra – Black & Yellow Pack | Bandit + Stacks

Found on the back of hornets and poison tree frogs, the color combo of Black and Yellow serves as an ideal paradox, perhaps in color theory. On one side, its a well known color of warning. Yet, it has a memorizing even enticing effect on people. Perhaps … READ MORE